Unexpected Eclipse Shot

in eclipse •  2 years ago 

Nine eclipses of serendipity

These nine mini eclipses appeared through the screw holes in the roof of my brother's body shop. I thought they were interesting!

At first we couldn't figure out what they were then realized that the whole eclipse was playing out on the floor, in multiples lol.


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That is pretty neat! Didn't know that was possible!

What an awesome catch.

I thought so too. Thanks for your visit :) Have a great night!!

Tamaralovelace, I am still smiling at your good fortune to capture the eclipse in multiples!!! The "floor show" was just fantastic. It reminded me of the Cheshire Cat but invisible ones! :D

Can you image having such a great floor show in your brothers body shop? Maybe next time he can sell tickets! .....lol! I just loved this post. I am still smiling. Thank-you for sharing. It gave me an uplift and a smile. Have a great evening tonight!!! :D

Hi @cabbagepatch! So glad you enjoyed my eclipse lol. I'm sure there is some significance to the nine eclipses lol. Just happy to have seen it. I got your messg. from the chat....that's fantastic! I am in the middle of my work week, so will look you up over the weekend!

That's excellent, a lucky catch!

Thank Ya!! It was pretty neat to watch :D Have a fab day!

You too!

wow, this is really beautiful

Thanks ..I thought it was kinda cool :)

nice work done

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