United consensus on climate change?

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Because unlike for eclipses, which astronomers (NOT “scientists” as if every scientist can predict eclipses) can calculate as a medium complexity math problem.

Astronomers have thousands of years of data to calculate on. They are trusted because they were correct hundreds of years into the past…etc.

There is exact consensus on eclipse timing and places.

What unified consensus is there on what predictions about climate change. Al Gore was not contradicted by all climate scientists when he claimed the snows on Mt. Kilimanjaro would be gone by 2014. So all those people were wrong. Why trust people who are wrong or don’t point out false predictions?

Also, is there any perverse incentive to lie about eclipse timing?

No, there is not.

Are there trillions of dollars in perverse incentives to twist data so laws and taxes and carbon credits can be made from climate doomsaying with vague timing and placing?



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