Emerald City ComiCon tickets on sale 10/11/2017!

in eccc •  9 months ago

Seattle's pop culture and comic book convention "Emerald City ComiCon" tickets go on sale tomorrow (10/11/2017) at 12 noon PST.


$30/ THU. ONLY
$40/ FRI. ONLY
$50/ SAT. ONLY
$40/ SUN. ONLY
$120/ ALL DAYS

Honestly, if tickets don't sell out soon, we'll probably only be able to attend on a Saturday day-pass. I'd love to get some kind of press pass to do some kind of write-up, or to have an information booth to give information about Spokane's local science fiction and fantasy convention--but these kinds of giant, pop-culture conventions are not overly friendly to "free" or "discounted" passes for non-profits in my experience. I feel like ECCC has gone up in price every year since ReedPOP bought them. Sigh. Anyone here attending? Do you have any information about attending Emerald City? Share in the comments!

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That's a con I'd love to go to


I was in the ticket queue at 12:00 noon exactly. 17 minutes later when I got to the ordering screen: all 4-day passes were already sold out. It's getting harder and harder to get in. All we could afford was a single day pass, so we hoped for Saturday. We were able to get it, but where the heck do these people get the money to pay $120 per person for a convention?! Ahhh! This is why our local convention is so important, the "broke" kids like us can still go!


Agreed. Super broke until the truck's paid off. (Next year, yay!)


Yay next year!!

Emerald City..Your not in Kansas anymore!