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FAQ & Poll

Here are some of the frequently asked questions and the answers:

Q1. will the contract issue be fixed?
A1. yes, with a swap, a new smart contract will be done

Q2. is it already there? What do i have to do?
A2. no, the devs are working on this, you dont have to do anything, just wait for the anouncement and the howTo

Q3. will the name remane the same?
A3. yes, definitely

Q4. will there be a whitepaper & roadmap
A4. yes, but we guess we all appreciate, the devs work on the token swap first, since this is most important

Q5. will there be marketing?
A5. check Q4, same answer

Q6. are there mods/admins or devs in here?
A6. yes, 9 admins and satoshi21 himself

Q7. are any new exchanges in future
A7. will work on this when Swap is done, before it makes no sense

Q8. how big is the team, or is it only satoshi21?
A8. there are 14 with satoshi, plus the mods in here

Q9. can i get some eBTC through the airdrop/when is airdrop?
A9. its over, not everybody who registered got free money, just too many registered

Q10. whats the issue about a malisious smart contract?
A10. anyone, anywhere, anytime can watch that token address and see whether supply is changed or not


Q11. what is eBTC for, there are so many other Coins/tokens out there?
A11. --> long version:

It’s simple the idea like come on The way I see these tokens that represent currency’s outside the Ethereum blockchain is the ERC20 token is easier to implement in payment systems then the currency it’s pegged too , so you can quickly setup payment processing using Ethereum and have it accept a wide range of eXXXX tokens

eBTC for Retail and Online shopping.

Troy worked in retail shops alright and I couldn’t convince them to accept 9 crypteo currency’s as payment with 9 wallets and 9 private keys to keep track of, with eXXX they get one TX instead of 9, one private key instead of 9, one wallet instead of 9 .


• Single wallet for multiple eXXX Token
• Secured by Ethereum
• One TX Fee
• Unifies payments from multiple currency’s into manageable tokens with lower fees
• Easy integration with existing merchants that accept Ethereum
• Benefits from Ethereum Network Updates & Upgrades
• More divisible then larger currency’s
• Better for micropayment’s
• 1:xxx ratio allows for unique trading options

Q12. will the team share private profiles or tell who the are?
A12. long version:

Not right now, just think about, that with eBTC something great was done, what freaks out many others. Also others with big wallets. You know money can do a lot, a lot money can do even more.

So honestly for eBTC right now untill its rise its the best to stay anonymus. Besides there is enough FUD already, if the team would be public there would be even more. What is not good for the project itself.

Q13. can i store eBTC in my MEW wallet
A13. yes you can, instructions will follow!

Please vote here:
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