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Companies encourage feedback because it’s a strategic tool to achieve excellence and improve sales and reputation as well. More resources and channels are used to collect feedback, such include: in person, by phone, chats, messaging apps, web forms, forums, emails, social network, among many others. These channels should serve to:

🔗 Listen by paying attention to suggestions, opinions, and complaints of customers.
🔗 Respond swiftly as customers don’t want to withstand long waits.
🔗 Offer solutions as all the above are not useful if in the end companies can't respond.
🔗 The people managing the customer care channels should have quality training and be capable of managing the tools that they use.

Challenges with feedback for companies.

🔗 Mostly it’s the lack of resources.
🔗 The other is unfair complaints by customers who only want to damage their reputation and ruin the human and economic effort of the company.
🔗 Lack of internal control to centralize and analyses the information received via customer feedback to convert it into opportunities for increasing sales for the company.

Challenges with feedback for consumers.

🔗 The lack of access to these customer care channels on the company’s part.
🔗 The lack of solutions in these customer care channels on the company’s part. There’s no empathy from the channel leaving the consumers frustrated and helpless.

The solution that easy feedback offers to the general market.

Easy feedback proposes that a company’s first priority should be letting customers have contact to the company management when front line employees or customer service fail before they opt to use other channels and also before they shift to the competition without saying why. Easy feedback is the ultimate solution for businesses that require:

🔗 Actively listen to customers to avoid new negative comments on the internet, avoid complaint forms, silent neglects, identify customers who aren’t satisfied and react in real-time at the very moment that the dissatisfaction is communicated.
🔗 Manage and help improve the satisfaction of customers in every interaction with the brand and at the points of sale.
🔗 To control and improve the quality of care customers receive from employees.
🔗 Acquire new customers by creating trust with the “Care Excellence” certificate, differentiating itself from the competition and strengthening its brand reputation.

Solutions for the consumer.

🔗 In just a few steps, they write a formal document and send their opinion with Easy feedback forms which are adapted to the recipient company’s sector and the type of message they want to send.
🔗 The complaints go to the directors, managers, or owners directly.
🔗 Their opinions aren’t publicized but sent privately.
🔗 The platform is a trusted intermediary that verifies sending of user feedback to the business.
🔗 There is user satisfaction all through.
🔗 Its useful 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
🔗 The recipient’s company’s address is easy to find thanks to the platform’s integration with Google.
🔗 There are possible rewards for their constructive suggestions to companies
🔗 There’s the capability of saving the personalized document in word or pdf format.
🔗 The platform advises sending of constructive suggestions.
🔗 The customer does not feel uncomfortable or looked at for having to ask for a complaint form.
🔗 The consumers get to control all of their complaints, congratulations, suggestions, and questions with various companies on a single page.
🔗 There are specific document models depending on the type of message to be sent.


Companies will be able to make their customer care more accessible, through the easy feedback platform users will be able to save time during their feedback responding activities through offering their feedbacks in one channel, Easy Feedback will redirect the complaints to the official companies where it will be able to monitor and file feedbacks. As users we will be able to be guaranteed that our feedbacks have reached the companies, and we will be able to get responses, this system will improve transparency and place trust between companies an their customers. I believe Easy Feedback centralized feedback collections is important and will make it easier for the operational processes of feedback collections, monitoring, and filing.

Companies use the feedback received from their trusted customers as an exceptional listening channel and also obtain the platform’s “Certificate in Care Excellence.” Companies that use Easy feedback also has both offline and online tools available to encourage and deal with their customer’s feedback. There more than needs a system of feedback collection and analysis that being’s credibility and good sense to the market.

Official resources of the project:

🔗 Website: https://www.easyfeedbacktoken.io/en/
🔗 Whitepaper: https://www.easyfeedbacktoken.io/wp-content/uploads/2019/06/Easy_Feedback_Token_EFT_WhitePaper_en.pdf
🔗 Facebook: https://web.facebook.com/EasyFeedbackToken/
🔗 Twitter: https://twitter.com/easyfeedback


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