Coffee & Crypto w/ @sirlunchthehost. Starting in 10 mins!

in easydex •  5 months ago

Whats up everyone! Today I'll be covering for @chiefmappster on Coffee and Crypto with Easy Dex.

Today we will be talking to @raymondspeaks

A very special Steemian who runs a magazine & a Podcast! Plus the creator of The Man Cave Discord Server!

This is a great opportunity to learn, interact, and network with others in this emerging crypto and blockchain industry.

Future guests will include influencers from the crypto space, developers of blockchain-based projects, blockchain entrepreneurs, and founders of blockchain-based projects (with many others to come).

We will pack all this in a digestible 30-minute segment so you can fit it in your busy schedule.

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Nice one I love this!!! Thumbs up!