EasyDex Photography Challenge Post #8

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This is my entry to the EasyDex Photography Challenge # 8 “Refraction”.

Hey Friends.

I just read this great contest sponsored by @Beyorobert and I wanted to participate, but I remembered I didn't have any crystal spheres, so I used my wine glass and the result was wonderful.

I hope you like it and make me win the biggest prize. .😜

Refracción2 - 1.jpg

Logo line.png

This picture was taken with my Canon rebel T6 lens 55mm.

Captura de pantalla 2018-08-25 a la(s) 15.57.36.png

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Ohhh genial participación @mballesteros espero que ganes de verdad. muchisima suerte.

Muy buena entrada para el concurso. Éxitos! @mballesteros

Me encantó el efecto.

Espero ganes. Saludos

Suerte amiga, muy buen trabajo.