EasyDex Photography Challenge Post #14 "Centre" "MIDDLE SHOT" "The American Classic Runner"

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@johnskotts "The American Classic Runner"

EasyDex Photography Challenge


To another @boyerobert Photo Challenge #14 “MIDDLE SHOT”. This will be my 6th entry, this one I really enjoyed, and had fun doing as well, plus I did get lucky. This photograph was done in "Portrait" and "Black&White" no editing. Took the picture as centred as I could, and just turned it to "Black&White" simple right, well not so simple...I was lucky because lighting was amazing and, there is a small trick to this "Black&White" that I figure out, let's see if the professional can comment below, what it was. The American Classic Runner

This photograph was done in "Portrait" and "Black&White"


For this image I used my, again, iPhone 8 PLUS, the picture was in a "Portrait" and "Black&White"


Converse All Star "Chuck Taylor"

Converse started manufacturing basketball shoes in 1917, In 1920 they asked basketball star Chuck Taylor to join the company to brand the shoe with his name, as a signature, and his vision of how the shoe should be re-designed, as well, he did add some comfort. I will also include a picture how the shoe started out in 1917. By the "Sixties" they had at least 70-80 percent of the market. They did decline by the 70's and made a comeback in the 80's. They weren't used as a basketball shoe, more of a fashion statement. Today Converse is a subsidiary of Nike. And has introduced The Chuck II

By the "Sixties" the had at least 70-80 percent of the market

Ad from 1920 for the forerunner of the Chuck Taylor All Star, Converse "Non-Skids."

Image Source

NIKE, Inc.

Below I will attache the company website, to show you, how the company evolved from its start, until now. Yes I did call it Nike, Inc. Nike is still trying to keep the Classic, "Converse All Star Chuck Taylor" going, and of course do what they do best as Nike, re-invent the Chuck and introduce the Chuck II and keeping there heritage in tacked, so far for me I'll stick to the CLASSIC one, that I still enjoy, from my youth, until now, in as many colours as I can find. "The American Classic Runner"

from my youth, until now, in as many colours as I can find. "The American Classic Runner"

Screen Shot 2018-10-04 at 11.50.18 PM.png
Image Source & Converse Website

Contest #14,

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Oh John, this is almost perfect ... I love it. I love the style from this photo.


I really appreciate your comment, thank you @hetty-rowan