Listing Your Tokens on EasyDex

in easydex •  3 months ago

Did you know that anyone could create their own token for whatever cause or purpose that they want, it could be philanthropical, event tickets, company shares, rewards for users, a means to crowdfunding for a special project, or help to raise awareness about an issue that needs addressing in the world - the list is endless and the possibilities many.

But whatever the purpose, you will need an exchange to list your token on so that it can be bought and sold. Most exchanges will ask for 5 BTC to perform this service for you, but you can list your coin with EasyDex for 1.5 BTC.

When you list your coin on EasyDex, you get your offering listed on the most active blockchain in the cryptocurrency world - bitshares and you also get listed on the oldest and fastest decentralised trading platform. We can also assist with some ideas for development, marketing and implementation, if required.

So if your token needs a home, or when a token brainwave comes into fruition, remember EasyDex can assist with making it a reality. Just remember, yes, it is really is possible for anyone to create and distribute their own tokens. What idea will you come up with?

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