Great news as Major US Banks adopts crpto- Happy Easter!

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Good news on Easter Day as major US banks finally adopts crypto leading to sharp rise in bitcoin, Steem, EOS and other cryptocurrencies. According to btcnews, read more here
Finally, Fuders are having issues of FOMO .

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As we celebrate the resurrection of Christ Jesus, I pray that his unendng love will never depart from you.
Wishing us all the best of easter celebration!
Happy Easter

Feel free to resteem and follow for more, In the spirit of Easter, do kindly support with an upvote and send in your Easter wishes in comment options.


Hahaha. What a day! Easter on 1st April. 😂
Good one dear, you got me there...😇
Happy Easter. Upped and resteemed

Happy easter to you all great steemians...It's nice to celebrate this fantastic day with you all.Enjoy.

Sure. Happy Easter and let's keep in touch 😎

Happy easter to you @kenhudoy. I hope this good news you have brought on this day will be everlasting or is it April Fool. Hahahahaha!! .

Yes and it shall come to pass soon! Happy Easter 😁

Upvoting for the good news. Happy happy.

Sure and the good news shall come to fruition soon! 😂. Happy Easter

Happy Easter day
May your Easter be full of joy, happiness and peace.....
And it is also great news that on Easter day values of Bitcoin etc increases..

Hahahaha 1st April indeed...April foooooollll

😂 sure and a good one indeed

Thanks for the update, that's real news for me today!

Finally, Fuders are having issues of FOMO

You bet hahaha

Hahahaha, ok you got me here, nice job!

Especially, as Circle which recently acquired Poloniex is a Goldman Sachs backed company, making your scenario appear not so far fetched. Check this bitcoinist news feed for more info!

Sure. And tks for the info. Happy Easter

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