The problem of alternate virtual dimensions

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Some people think that the suffering in this world comes from the limitations of this 3D physical manifested reality and that we just need to transcend or escape it into 5D or higher dimension or frequency of existence. Such individuals actually do not want to productively participate in this world and usually just fight the system and want things for themselves. They do not want to understand the consequences of their actions to this reality nor accept self-responsibility for the current state of the world.

However, the conflicts hare are caused exactly due to some wanting to escape it and become free of the consequences of their actions by creating alternate virtual dimensions. Examples are the imagination of our minds and virtual computer realities. Thus the solution to problems that we face is not to escape what is here but embracing it, amalgamation with the physical and behaving responsibly considering the physical laws of this universal physical reality that we all share equally.

Here is my vlog where I have expanded on that topic:

You are welcome to watch the rest of my English vlogs here:

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Get Real. Stay Real. Be Physical.

And you can find more about me, my books, blog, vlogs, and projects here:

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Very insightful perspectives here. I have also considered this in great detail and, as an illustrator, considered the act of illusions in alternative realities. This is an amazing prospect. Totally enjoyed that video. Thank you for sharing!


Thanks Craig, I am happy to see that you liked it :)

agreed, to many are looking for some magic to come and change and fix everything they perceive is wrong. If we want heaven on earth we are going to have to create it ourselves. I believe that is what many have come to earth for in this generation.


Yes, Blayne, time to learn how to be a responsible creator!