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Control is more of a liability than an asset when exploring spirituality and working with the quantum field. The things one attempts to control inevitably are allowed to control that one. It is not liberating because control is a fear based "reaction to" something as opposed to a love based "interaction with" something and also originates from a limiting belief.

Just as in meditation where as the mind isn't resisted or controlled, it is rather observed or appreciated to the degree that it is no longer running the show. What is running the show is a higher intelligence and to co-create with this puts more than just the wind at your back. This puts the whole flow of the universe moving with you and guiding you towards the intended outcome or goal. Quieting the mind to stillness, though it is a choice, becomes easier with diligence.

In the Quantum Field can be likened unto a garden. We can "plant" anything we like and nurture it to grow. The Quantum Field is neutral and it is unconditional love at origin. Playing here we learn and through these lessons we can become grand creators and as source beings we wake up to a whole new paradigm. There are perhaps as many forms of relationships with the Quantum Field as there are stars. Regardless, there are no observable limits to the possibilities when we come to the eastern polarity or watering stage in co-creation or alchemy as which it has been referred.

Examples of this, and there are countless processes, are visualization, spoken, meditative, written, astrology, and the list goes on. As regressed as current society is, it seems amazing that any of us really make it out of the jumbled maze that is called education and likely none are making it fully clear of the indoctrination that is thrown around like bullets. The barrage of misguided information being thrown out there as creditable knowledge is astounding. It truly can be viewed much like the Harry Potter Series projects with the concept of "Muggles" as compared to "Wizarding Folks". Some (muggles) get all caught up and /or polarized in in a belief system and tend not to realize that this is so and will even defend a dis-empowering belief. A Wizard does not teach what "should" be believed. On the contrary, a Wizard shares processes on how to handle beliefs. This is a core "magic" that, when an apprentice begins to practice, starts to change perception and build confidence in personal creative ability.

The Quantum Field is a unified field in consciousness and this being so means that we are working with a love that is benevolent, synergistic, and altruistic in nature. In constant change and movement towards balance the sangha we join is highly compassionate and a fierce guardian. A foundational awareness when dealing with thought forms is to simply view a positive thought form as an angel and a negative one as more of a trickster or devil. Since we begin to see things a bit differently once we jump down the rabbit hole, the idea that a thought or belief could cause an experience after all may make a lot of sense. This recollection makes it easier and easier to discern between what one believes or thinks in conjunction with what is actually being experienced. For instance, try to deliberately create exactly what you are currently experiencing, right now.


Since there seemed to be a running theme in some core areas of this one's universe, it processed the the source of evil and found none outside itself. The indoctrinated belief that demons possess and that Satan was out to get you seemed at one point trivial when compared to "GOD" actually being capable of cutting love away from someone. Creating our mother into something less than sacred as to continue creating within a paradigm or myth that reflects a light male good guy only allows for a dark female bad girl. The mind being the grand judge and jury then can do much like Jeannette suggests and that is be "justified" in a transgression. These types of thought patterns basically run the world as we know it. Though we are working towards solutions the mundane has yet to be placed on the back burner by the masses. If we begin to define evil as associated with intent to harm from a lack of some awareness as Peter suggests, then a key to the whole dysfunctional creation is to notice the light believing itself to be good where as the dark womb of the mother is...????



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