Medicinal Cannabis Oil

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Mother Nature's Cure EXPOSED!

"CNN documentary on Charlotte's Web, medical marijuana treating seizure disorders"
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"High CBD medicinal cannabis oil came to the public attention through the story of Charlotte Figi whose parents treated her rare form of epilepsy, Dravet Syndrome using CBD extracted from strains that were high in CBD and low in THC."

There is a long list of ailments that allow someone to get a prescription for Cannabis in certain countries, states, and cities. I was pretty sure that the first medicinal use of Cannabis that we know of was with Queen Victoria, but I found this article that says a little different. Though it does include the Queen.

"Documents espousing marijuana’s medical benefits first appeared in 2900 B.C. in China, but medicinal cannabis in Europe is indebted to one over-achieving Irishman. Born in 1809, Dr. William Brooke O’Shaughnessy invented the modern treatment for cholera, laid the first telegraph system in Asia, contributed inventions in underwater engineering, and effectively pioneered the use of medical cannabis in Europe. Inspired by the use of cannabis in Ayurvedic and Persian medicine, O’Shaughnessy conducted the first clinical trials of marijuana, treating rheumatism, hydrophobia, cholera, tetanus, and convulsions.

Influenced by O’Shaughnessy, Sir J. Russell Reynolds prescribed cannabis to relieve Queen Victoria’s menstrual cramps. “When pure and administered carefully, [cannabis] is one of the most valuable medicines we possess,” he wrote in 1890. But the widespread use of the syringe a few years later, which allowed drugs to dissolve quickly into a patient’s blood stream, ended medical marijuana’s popularity in Europe."

Cannabis has even been known to cure cancer.

"The Rick Simpson Story: Healing Cancer with Cannabis (more at"
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I also suggest a book called "Live Free or Die" By: Shona Banda
"She takes the reader on her journey of the pain and suffering that now afflicts some 700,000 Americans and she then documents her salvation and resurrection thanks to medical cannabis. Her very personal account calls into question a legal system that criminalizes patients and a medical establishment bent on surgical and big pharma answers."

This resource that humanity has been missing out on by judging or otherwise projecting onto Cannabis Sativa and Cannabis Indica before proper research has been done may have been and still costing peoples' lives.




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