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RE: The Experience of Collaborating with Earth Nation

in #earthnation6 years ago

Recently made an application to join this guild. I found your name on the list of members. I'm still waiting for approval.

I'm looking forward to writing consistently on Steemit and to see what this can bring. Glad that you hare having a good experience.

I'm following you and upvoting this post.


Thank you so much, if you need any help or have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out. I know it may be a bit confusing with so much to information but it will with time. I got a little lucky with one of my earlier posts "shot the moon" and got a nice steem reward out of it. Now I use that in combination with the guild to prosper and share my posts!

Oh that's great. Congrats.

I didn't get though with my application. My posts didn't line up with the guild. But I'll continue to check out your posts. I've already followed you.

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