Planetary Shift - How to participate in the global transformation

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We the people, all the people of planet Earth, are about to embark on a magical, mystical but very real global transformation. I know you feel it. Whether you want to acknowledge it or not, we all sense it, know it, and even anticipate it. The time has come when we must change how we live upon our Mother or potentially destroy ourselves. If we continue to create systems and lifestyles based on fear, scarcity, competition, and separation not only causing us great suffering but desecrating our beautiful blue-green sphere, we surely will.

War, pollution, hunger, and poverty are at an all-time high and plague our society with seemingly no end in sight. Governments refuse to address the issues in a unified and peaceful way but rather vie for domination and control of resources, allowing the banking systems of the elite to enslave us through a corrupt economic structure. The mass media attacks us energetically streaming violence, drama, and catastrophe moment by moment into the airwaves. Our food sources are tainted with poison, processed with chemicals, and as we become increasingly sick and imbalanced, the pharmaceutical companies push the newest synthetic drug to numb the pain of, well, being alive. It's not a pretty picture. However, it is through this dark reality that our global human ailment and environmental destruction have become so visible; we can no longer deny there is a problem - a very big problem.

Eckhart Tolle writes in A New Earth, "When faced with a radical crisis, when the old way of being in the world, of interacting with each other and with the realm of nature doesn't work anymore, when survival is threatened by seemingly insurmountable problems, an individual life - or a species will either die, or become extinct or rise above the limitation of its condition through an evolutionary leap."

We are about to take that evolutionary leap. This is the time in history that has been prophesied by many cultures as not only apocalyptic but as a time of ascension, awakening, and restoration of the natural world. We are being enlightened. We are moving into the Golden Age. The veil of illusion is lifting and casting a light upon the shadowy lies under which we’ve been living. We are expanding our awareness into a higher consciousness and opening our eyes to see our global dysfunction with clarity. People everywhere are feeling the restless stir of a need to do something, anything that can help humanity at this critical point. This is a time when we dive deep within and ask ourselves, “Is this the life I signed up for? Is this the mess I want to leave for my children? And, if not, what am I going to do about it?”

Pioneers of the New Paradigm
Thanks to the persevering pioneers of the new paradigm, we the people, all the people of planet Earth, have everything we need to catapult ourselves into a new dimension and experience life differently on this planet. From free energy devices to sustainable communities to natural medicine, decentralized internet systems, and sovereign currency, we can create anew. We simply need to innovate and implement.

The Venus Project served to revolutionize a monumental blueprint of how humanity can use modern technology to automate jobs and free up humans to focus on their spiritual evolution. Jacque Fresco spent his life and fortune on the design and construction of a model city to demonstrate how we can thrive in a populated culture in harmony with nature.

Michael Tellinger, author, scientist, and founder of the global UBUNTU Liberation Movement is making great headway in his contribution to uncover and expose humanity's true origins. Through his research of ancient civilizations, he is noted for bringing to the forefront the history of advanced technologies, how they were used, and the true intent and evolution of the money system set up by royals to enslave humans. What we must realize is that we've been conditioned and educated to fuel a matrix that values our worth by the amount of income we make, robbing us of our authenticity and freedom through false education, thus imprisoning us in a life of indentured servitude. UBUNTU gallantly promotes the transformation from a money-driven society to one fueled by people's talents and passions for life.

United Earth, a relatively newer organization, set forth on a global mission to unite existing humanitarian and new paradigm organizations in order to collaborate, co-create, and share resources with the intended purpose of creating a unified force of solidarity during our global awakening.

On the cutting edge of implementation is Earth Nation. Birthed through the Awakening Sovereignty Collective, their mission is to create and distribute wealth in a decentralized manner amongst humanitarian-aligned people by creating a morally aligned economic alternative to fiat currency. They are currently blazing a fiery trail globally after launching Equality Keys, a cryptocurrency designed for the mutual benefit of all. Cryptocurrencies have become a hot topic projected to be the wave of the future especially as people search for alternatives to the paper money they know is declining in value.

What we must become aware of through this is that there is a multitude of viable alternatives to the woes of the world, and their exclusion from the mainstream media is by no mistake. Driven by money, power, and greed, our governments have been bought off by the elite and no longer serve the people. It is literally up to us to stand up, take our power back, step into our divine potential, and make the necessary changes ourselves.

Creating the Global Shift
We have the template, the capabilities, the intelligence, and the divine support to restructure and rebuild the way we function. We can heal Mother Earth and her inhabitants. Ultimately, besides love, there are two necessary components to tilting the scales of power back to the people; one is money and the second is a critical mass.

Dakota Kaiser, Center Coordinator of Earth Nation, speaks in a manifestation training video: "The battlefront for this planet, and for the people on it, is actually the economic system. It has nothing to do with politics, with the law, or with anything other than money. This world is all about money when it comes to the control of it. The people with the money have the money to bribe the politicians and pay for the armies that then create laws that create indentured servitude, and then they have the military power to back those laws up." Kaiser later goes on to say, "If we want to have our planet back, we need to buy it.” As a result, Earth Nation has set out to do that, with hearts full of love and intentions to nurture all life unconditionally.

In an exponential growth spurt since launching the Equality Keys, Earth Nation is now the next generation exchange economy backed by real-world value, including humanitarian organizations, non-profits, new paradigm leaders, ethical and sustainable goods and services, and regenerative communities. Unlike centrally controlled currencies such as USD, Earth Nation Keys are stewarded and controlled by and for the people. The system is decentralized and everyone’s vote counts equally. The people determine how funds are distributed for maximum benefit. There is no CEO or corporate/military interest controlling the resources and wealth. Keys are minted and issued to sustainable ecovillages, ethical cooperative businesses, and humanitarian organizations that are revolutionizing how we engage with each other and our planet. Hallelujah! We are almost there.

When a certain number of people awaken to these truths, the new awareness becomes the mass consciousness. It is theorized that it takes approximately 51% of the population to realize higher knowledge to create the shift for everyone. This is called a critical mass and has demonstrated to science the profound etherical connection shared between members of our species as well as other species. As each individual chooses to embody this new way of thinking and believing, a global transformation can occur through our consciousness; a consciousness of unity; a consciousness of Enlightenment.

What you can do
There are still those who feel helpless, hopeless, and powerless to do anything beyond what they are currently doing for their survival. There are also many who have initiated being the change with little support and lack of funding and are tired, rundown, and moneyless yet continue to forge a new path for others to follow. The times are changing. There is hope. There is support. There are solutions. And, we need people with a passion to lead, serve, teach, heal, and create a New Earth to take charge.

Uniting ourselves with any of these global movements and acting as the change is how we make the difference. We must each take personal responsibility and choose to align ourselves with the intentions, thoughts, beliefs, and actions of this collective vision. If you want to help, find what it is that you want to create and then find an organization with which to unify. If you don’t know what you want to create, unify anyway, and others will guide you.

We the people, all the people of planet Earth, with these tools and this new way of living, thinking, and acting in the world can deliberately reach the critical mass that will shift the rest of the world's population to a higher consciousness and a standard of living filled with peace, love, and abundance for all. The result is the Utopian paradise we've all been dreaming of, Heaven on Earth.

A New Earth, Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose, by Eckhart Tolle, page 20, 1st paragraph

Literal Manifestation Training with Dakota Kaiser


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Ah! Thank you sister!

. This world is all about money when it comes to the control of it. The people with the money have the money to bribe the politicians and pay for the armies that then create laws that create indentured servitude, and then they have the military power to back those laws up." Kaiser later goes on to say, "If we want to have our planet back, we need to buy it.”

It is at least worth a try. It's a rigged economic game, getting investment to start an enterprise, the key to any society, is where the game is most rigged, most byzantine and where there are numerous unjust litmus test barriers to entry.

the rigged parts of the system are unjust and need to come down, and we aren't ever going to be able to buy that.

I belong to an organization that is launching its own sovereign currency called Earth Nation. You should check them out. We are building out a new incorruptible economic and governance system designed to fund Humanitarian Organizations and Cooperative Businesses that regenerate and heal the planet. The old system will come down in time. It's time to rebuild anew. Thanks for reading my article!

I'm ahead of you, I filled out the app this morning, I'm curious.

I find with some orgs the actual language is a problem for me, I am not at all sure about 'nations.' Or starting a new one. Or movements that are based on a corporation, I've been burned tooooooo many times.

That said, I checked out your stuff and generally like what I see. Is there a single leader?

I have had baaaad experiences with other organizations being infiltrated and destroyed from within by cops and privatesec, and so I am very careful about my allegiances now.

Orgs that are incapable of security culture or discussing the threat are simply owned. I just asked @dbroze of "The [vaunted hyped] Conscious Resisteance" and he evaded all the real questions and got next to 0 on my test for echo. So he's a cop.

Basically I am looking for people capable of discussing and answering my questions, if you can't, I can't work with you.

We will see how EarthNation stands up.

You can ask us anything and we will answer. We pride ourselves on transparency. No, there is not one leader. The founder does lead but we have a CCC, council of center coordinators and a liquid voting system for our vote-holders so that funds and power are equally distributed. We are in our pre-beta phase, which as you know can have it's challenges. We are soon going into beta and having an ICO launch in February for our sovereign currency. Let me know if there is anything I can answer for you as you go through our materials. My life has completely changed as a result of joining this movement for the better!

cool, thanks for sharing that.

if there is a more private channel or discord etc, let me know, i'd like to hear more.

Amazing article, Teahana! Thank you for being part of the team that is making it happen!

Sweet sistar! you are such a rocking awesome amazing soul! love your writing, love your message more! honored to play with you!

Thank you for writing about Ubuntu!

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