A Vision for Eco-Huts & Coconuts - An Eco-Hostel and Healing Sanctuary for the Backroad, Barefoot, Budget Traveler

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Downloaded in 2015, I awakened and became aware of my mission to create a unique space for people to come and gather, commune and heal. A center where people would come visit, learn how to just "be," in nature, in stillness and reconnect with their divine self and Mother Nature - a place that honored healing ceremonies, plant medicines, and organic foods as a natural restoration of body, mind, and spirit.

I had no idea at the time how I would create this. The stunning nature of it shook me to the core. However, the download was instantaneous, precise, and powerful enough for me to open to the unlimited possibilities available within the universe. Filled with joy, I chose to say "yes" to this purpose and have continued to have faith that as I follow my life's mission, it will divinely unfold, granted I pursue it with intention, passion, and action.

This was prior to me finding and becoming a part of Earth Nation. It seems entirely apropos that less than two years later, an organization aligned with my ideas, visions and core values would attract me into the center of the team to support the overall world-changing vision, as co-creators of the New Earth. As we continue to lay the ground-work collectively, organizations, eco-villages, businesses, and individuals are cultivating and birthing cultures, systems, and structures offering humanity a new worldview in which to live within to restore and regenerate the planet.


Eco-Huts and Coconuts is intended to be a sacred space that provides a fun and safe atmosphere to explore one's divine essence while fostering and nurturing spiritual education and soul growth.

To create a facility that fosters our human evolution and supports the development of the New Earth; a place to raise awareness, consciousness, and vibration through love, education, healing, community and spiritual practices providing a means for restoring the connection to the Divine Creator Self and Mother Earth as well as bridging the gap between old world paradigm and new world paradigm systems and consciousness.

We will develop this through demonstration, an embodiment of love, acceptance, peace, joy, forgiveness, and freedom; classes and workshops, music events, holistic healing, sweat lodge and organic gardens with food and meal preparation. We will teach about sustainability, eco-villages, healthy body, mind, spirit practices, Native American and Hawaiian tradition, universal law, new paradigm ideology, healing modalities, advanced technology systems, cosmic science, preparing for a New Earth and sacred economics. We will offer sweat lodge, music events, fire ceremonies and nature adventures.

The vision is to find a stretch of land on the south-eastern tip of Maui known as Hana, but remain open to divine interpretation of the most appropriate location, to build an off-grid, eco-friendly, sustainable sanctuary suitable for community living. The sanctuary will be stewarded and run by spiritually minded world changers who passionately resonate with this intention, mission, vision, and purpose.

The land will be built in harmonic resonance to the natural environment surrounding the sanctuary as well as in accordance with guidance from Pachamama and the ancestors of the land. The Main House will be built with solar panels, water catchments, free energy systems and all the structures will be built with natural woods, rocks, stone, and minerals. There will be a small live-in community to take care of the land and we will have volunteer passion/energy trade programs for guests.

The FACILITIES will include but not be limited to:

Main Community Center:
With community kitchen facilities where juices, organics, herbs are available along with a self-catering kitchen. The living room with serve as a gathering place. plus 4 additional rooms:

  1. Healing/Counseling/Massage/Energy Work,
  2. Sound Healing/Music Room
  3. A Sacred Circle Room for meetings, connection and group discussions
  4. One extra bedroom.

Housing for live in community:
4 bedroom house - co-created and designed for community living. Here may also house guests or transient co-creators in addition to the EcoHuts.

9 Eco Huts:
3 huts for single/double occupancy (king beds)
3 huts for quad occupancy (one female, one male, one co-ed all with bunks)
3 huts of dorm 6 occupancies (one queen bed and two bunk beds)

Outdoor Grounds:
Covered Stage for Music/ Meditation/Yoga and practice alike
Sweat Lodge
Round Fire Pit with campfire seating
Outdoor Eating Area
Gardens for growing food
3 Teepees symbolic of art, science, and spirituality
Meditation Gardens
Grass area for tents/camping
Laundry facilities
2 Horses

Currently SEEKING team players:
I am seeking a team of people who resonate with this vision and have a passion for world transformation, healing of humanity, improved treatment of Gaia as well as ourselves and community and understand it is our responsibility to facilitate this change outside of governmental control or perceived 3rd world limitations. People who want to be a part of the solution. This includes funders, fundraisers, social architects, permaculturists, contractors, healers, landowners in Hana who want their land stewarded by this vision, philanthropist, a financial manager and team-players who want to be a part of the community.

If you are interested, contact me at [email protected]

Much love and Aloha!


Nice post.I respect you very much because you contribute to steemit.I will do activities like you.I would like to extend the steemit.

Thanks alot @jhonysins! Take a look at www.earthnation.world - We have an entire organization who are creating like this and we invite team members to join with us. We have our own cryptocurrency and will be launching an ICO in a few months. Yes! A humanitarian cryptocurrency.

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I have the same dream .. im making my dream happen her in the Ozarks of Mo .. :)

We should see if there is a way to collaborate and mirror our projects using same models saving time and efforts.

You might find this interesting. I'm invested in this company. They've done more work on this project:


This project looks amazing. I'm really interested in growing hemp.

Good to HEAR. Check out Hemp, Inc.'s Hemp University. They do about four educational weekends a year in Spring Hope, NC:


Wonderful, thank you!!

Beautiful vision! My family is growing a similar vision in Jamaica, it's called The Source Farm. Currently we're working on building Ni Mala Wellness, a healing center on the land. <3

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