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RE: Planning for a sustainable future.

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It's a complicated thing, setting up new communities.

I've got some of my parents old commune/self-sufficiency manuals that were popular in the 70's - Five Acres and Independence and The Survival Handbook (the 1975 one by Michael Allaby). People put a lot of thought into these sort of plans in the past - can we be sure we will be avoid whatever caused them to fail?

Grand plans are fine, but I'd hate to see such an essential project stumble because we think we're so much smarter than previous generations of Utopian dreamers.

All that said, I think cryptocurrencies are a real game-changer in this space. Not just as a way to finance these projects, but because blockchain technology has the potential to sideline government from the things it most needs to do to survive: collect taxes. (BTW, I assume you mean to use STEEM for your crypto push - or were you going with the earthnation coin?)

Lot's to think about. Going to be an exciting time!


I am well aware of the failures of past communities. There is an excellent documentary about New Zealand's Mahana which started of beautiful and turned into a sad reminder of what happens to these communities.
Such a drastic change mixed with the isolation from society is often a death sentence for these communities. However I like the idea of smaller governance when mixed with technology. I believe it's easier for the people to maintain a strong voice with smaller government. Coming from a background of tribal communities, I also know that even small government can become corrupt and have thought about this.
The difference between all other communities and what I envision is technology and not necessarily isolating ourselves. A person who simply owns a little land can participate and still be part of the community/communities. Having this connection using technology will allow people to figure things out and problem solve. Things often look good on paper but don't work when applied so I imagine problems will arise. Different communities will have different ways of doing things and we will adapt things that work allowing for evolution.
I'm not saying "I know how to save the world" I am just adopting ideas and trying to bring people together in order to create positive change.
My hope is to become successful with my own investment so I can use that success as a way to get the attention of tribal governments. If I can gain the support of my wife's tribe and my tribe that means I will have brought a powerful allie into the project. The tribe makes billions through gaming and does a lot for the community already so I'm sure it would be an easy task given the positive impact.

Check out Earth Nation's crypto. Upcoming launch coming soon!

Yeah, I only just heard about this in the past few weeks, but thanks.

Also we will be using a few coins in the push. They will all be "green" coins you might say. We plan on telling everyone at once as well as giving basic instruction and security tips.

Looking forward to seeing the details. Like I said, exciting times. Keep up the good work.

I know your a busy man and I appreciate you pointing things out. The world needs more thinkers like you and so does projects like this. 😉

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