W&F: Is This A Wildenfree Vlog?!

in #earthnation5 years ago (edited)

Peace, Blessings & a Happy New Year Steemit community!

Mr. Wildenfree here. I would like to share with you all some of my recent vlog creations and to start doing so on a weekly basis as they arise! This one here is the first official Vlog introduction of mine, that I made just a couple of days before the New Year!!

I'm really excited to be getting started with this! I plan to talk about so many meaningful things that have attributed to great moments of change and enlightenment in my own life, and I hope that they provide you all with some life-changing insights!! Please feel free to leave your feedback, and let me know your thoughts, concerns, or if you'd like to make any suggestions on topics I should cover!!

Wishing you all the best,
Mr. W

Looking forward to seeing more of your blog/vlog, good luck and welcome to steemit. This is a nice platform for all and good thing is you can also earn. =)

Thank you very much @purepinay! I appreciate your encouragement! So far I'm enjoying all the possibilities that Steemit has to offer, and I'm definitely looking forward to continuing to build and share my creative content! :D

I look forward to hear more about you dear brother.
Remember @originalworks

Thanks Nomvula! I appreciate you! I’m still trying to get all the necessary information on what to do with posting, so thanks for the assistance there! 🙏🏾

@OriginalWorks So happy to see your light shinning bright!💜💜💜

😌🙏🏾✨ Thank you!!!

How did you animate your logo? Super dope!💜

I used a combination of a video transition and photoshop! I’ll have to fill you in later haha 😆

Damn shabam! Get it. looking forward to more to come!

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