How Does Being a Twin Flame Change Your Life?

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The most common feature of experiencing your body's life force, your capacity for love, and your spiritual journey suddenly opening to a third energy that is the balance between Source creator and the co-creative feminine and masculine energies that create EVERYTHING perceivable and knowable is the powerful, cleansing magnetic force that pushes, pulls, centers. Push, pull, center. Again, and again, and again as your life heals, your ego dissolves and your body experiences the pleasure and power of being whole.

Discovering you are a twin flame will be unexpected. This isn't an experience you can plan for. You also can't control the timing of your being thrown into this ocean of living light or how far or for how long you will have to swim in the illusion of separation.

Once you have moment to float and catch your breath in the experience, you will have a magnificent taste of joy, amazement, consciousness, and love permeating every cell in your body.

This is life-changing right down to how your DNA will function now that you are an awakening partner in the sacred dance of creation.

Being a twin flame changed my life by fully experiencing another adult human being from the outside in and then the inside out.

I am a born Empath; however, experiencing other people's pain and heartache more often than I felt their joy and excitement has left me floating in a spiritual connection that has been incomplete.

Being a twin flame has prepared me for union of masculine, feminine, and Source creator in my physical body.

My own spiritual journey has been long and I am graced with maturity and the courage to ask hard questions. I have no patience for being in denial or choosing to remain unconscious about life. Fortunately, I wasn't overcome by the limitation of focusing the tremendous creative power of sacred union into my ego's image of what this should look like and how it should manifest.

Many people who are twin flames on the path to sacred union make the error of confining the astonishing gift of love as a purely creative force into an old paradigm template of romantic relationship. The Disney version.

We have all come from...somewhere. Many of us feel certain that our physical death isn't the end of us. A few have had the experience of being conscious, aware and interactive outside of the confinement of their physical bodies. We are beginning to appreciate ourselves as beings of energy and intention who create on many dimensions simultaneously. In the past, our egos could have bewitched us into believing we are gods, or have god-like powers, and therefore there is no need to continue to be in harmonious relationship with all that is part of our world. In the near past, our spiritual greed might have cultivated a sense of superiority or being special by reason of enlightenment.

For me, the most extraordinary gift of being a twin flame on a path to sacred union is coming out of separation and the agony that believing we are separate and alone is rife among human beings today.

My daily life and my life's work as a energy healer, life coach, mentor, mother, daughter and lover have been completely transformed as I continue to grope my way through the truth, transparency and trust in the third way -- push, that is exploring the powerful and undeniable connection I experience with my divine male counterpart at a multidimensional, soul level that now and then touches into our respective three dimensional lives.

Since experiencing soul merge with Source last year, I am evolving into an embodiment of love in our challenging and limited three dimensional playground. Graceful and gritty. Flirty and furious. Courageous and calm. Patient yet persistent. Evolving and effervescent. Focused, relaxed, and clear.

The second most extraordinary gift is having come out of separation, within and without, is the sheer bliss of direct, truthful experience that my body is genetically and biologically designed to enjoy and share. This bliss transcends the sensual pleasure of eating, drinking, smelling flowers, soaking in a gorgeous sunrise or sunset, making love and the union of physical orgasm.

Being a twin flame opens you to truthful direct experience of organic and spiritual bliss in your body as the union of energies dissolves the ego to reveal your soul seed as it is meant to be in relationship, with humility, vulnerability and power.

On a practical level, my life is no longer pushed or pulled by fear. The push, pull, centering spiral that gently guides my daily life is Wholeness, imperfectly loving.

If being in a twin flame dynamic and this unique spiritual journey is wearing you down? Or your divine counterpart is unaware of the dynamic or he or she is in a stance of adamant, egocentric denial? Reach out to me for contact, but more appropriately reach in, into your heart's knowing and then just live your life trusting that you are whole, known, seen and loved.

Being a twin flame will transform you, like it or not, and will absolutely change your life. Will you choose to continue to suffer in separation for years, or lifetimes, or will you choose to know the joy of surrender before you surrender your body and soul back to the elements and Source that give you form?

This is the journey. Enjoy it!

Anaiis Salles

Life Coach, Author, Speaker, Spiritual Mentor
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