Poem: Be The Light in a friend's Day

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When nothing is more real than everything

Life just stops

Time has no meaning

Work, no motivator

The color of the day, grey

Eyes find little beauty

Hands little interest

Playing is not an option

Words don't flow

Inspiration doesn't come

The couch is not convincing

Nor a movie entertaining

Space and time are filled with no-thing

The books stays closed

Facebook, an endless scroll to boredom

The breath feels shallow

The tongue not satisfied

The body, a shell

And the mind, a barren land

The sky empties

The ground dissolves

Life is no where to be found

And then, like a wrinkle in time

A friend shows up at the door

Depression sits down

Hope stands up

Ears open to listen

And everything changes

Clouds move the sky


Squirrels play in the window

A tea cup is filled with connection

And a hug dispells all shadow

Somedays a friend saves the day

In gratitude of dear friends near and far, old and new, and yet to be discovered.

Be The Light in a Friend's Day

I Love You, Lila*Star


ohhh. id love to have a friend who saves the day. well it have to be me for now. im my best friend.

nice poetry thanks for inspiration and you are good at writing

Your poem is so strong.
I got goose-bumps,just reading the title.

Aw, TY I was having a really "dead" day <3 ;-) Better now

My pleasure.
I think we should have a talk om steemit.chat.

This poem is beautiful, just like lilastar herself!!

Ty! I appreciate the kind words - was going through it ;-)

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