Lovepreneur World Interview with quantum muse, Sheri Herndon!

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Featured here is Lila Star interviewing Sheri Herndon.....Eco shaman, coherence architect, whole systems designer, speaking about quantum empowerment, a new paradigm rising and embodied awakening as delivered by shakti, the divine feminine force of an awakened goddess.

This interview was so fun! Sheri is a pure delight and powerful force on this planet.

"Sheri Herndon is a thought leader, social innovator, healer and embodied mystic. Her passion is to awaken, engage and unite humanity to create a world that reflects our highest destiny. For the last 25 years, She has worked in the field of evolving consciousness toward creating new forms for culture to be fully actualized. Her work has included organizational consulting, high level strategy, coaching, writing, convening, facilitating and designing, At the heart of her passion is an embodied optimism. Her life path has brought her to a deep intimacy with many of the world’s Wisdom Traditions and she has integrated these into her daily personal and social practices.

Sheri is powerfully drawn to work at global levels of scale to create and facilitate platforms and spaces where people can engage in meaningful ways, embody the New Earth, and be empowered to discover their higher purpose.

She believes that when we marry inner sacred technologies with outer technologies, we will take a quantum leap in our social evolution. Her brilliant networking capacity focuses on nurturing new cultural synapses and social systems, which ultimately draws forth new ‘Social DNA’. She describes this emerging social function as that of an evolutionary social architect.

In 2011, she co-founded One Becoming One, an organization devoted to harnessing the power of love and our natural oneness and creating unified collaboration systems.

Knowing the power of generative conversations with influential thought leaders, pioneers, and inspired teachers, she currently produces and hosts a weekly radio show called “Heart of It All.”

In the last years, she has been working closely with aligned organizations who share a common mission for a world that works for all. She is sought after for her strategy, intelligence, wisdom, and ability to navigate complexity. She believes in our human potential to create Heaven on Earth by living fully embodied lives connected to Source. "

I LOVE YOU, Lila*Star


Beautiful post.

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