It's Cleansing Time! First post of our month long super human cleanse.

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We have begun our month long super human cleanse!

I say super human because - I'm not here to be mediocre or just survive, and I believe we have barely scratched the surface of our powers and potential.

Cameron Gray

I am here to thrive, to feel optimally healthy, to feel, be and do inspired, empowered and unstoppable in my life's mission to bring a new humanity and healthy planet forward.

I want to ensure to the best of my ability that I am bringing my clearest self to the world for our collective success.

I imagine and know that when a group of aligned clear people come together in shared intention and with the support of the divine that anything can happen. What does this look like? Imagine a group of seasoned prayer artists circling around a lake and completely purifying the waters.

This next chapter of life is intensifying as the manifestations we have been gridding for a very long time are taking root and blossoming. I am taking the necessary steps during this detoxification process to ensure I'm showing up my best and am the clearest channel I can be for source to work its magic through me.

The mental spiritual and physical realms are all connected and a toxic body is unable to receive clear messages from spirit, nor perform the functions necessary to serve one's dharma or purpose.

Most of humanity is highly unhealhty, toxic, and dummed down by processed foods, clogged colons, candida, parasites and other entities not acting in our best interest.

I am usually very healthy, with mostly vegan and raw foods, superfood supplements, nourishing smoothies, yoga and time outside in nature. And, I can step it up, not only on a physical level of incorporating more raw fibrous food and green juices into my diet, as well as taking the necessary steps to cleanse every organ!!

This month long cleanse begins with us preparing ourselves to eliminate well.

We cleanse the colon, intestines, liver, and kidneys.

Then we will go for cleansing the blood, any parasites, candida and heavy metals.

Along with specific cleansing, we have committed to a full month of raw vegan food and juices, as well as fasting.

raw food pyramid copy.png

This piece alone is a super cleansing and detoxifying!

I am also excited that I have re-committed to my yoga practice, breathwork and meditation - as well saunas, and more time in nature, and tending to the process of this cleanse.

We set our intentions yesterday. My partner chose: purity, presence, love, joy, alignment, peace, and abundance!

The fun parts we add are no computer/wifi for a week in week 4.

I will be sharing more and more here, as the cleanse progresses.

Let me know if you have a favorite cleanse or practice to be your best?!

I LOVE YOU, Lila*Star


Great read. I find your post to be extremely informative. Thank you for sharing!

Thank you so much. Following you now! <3

Thank you for sharing this remarkable message. I sign under every word. Fasting, cleansing and clearing our spiritual debris... that is what I am busy doing these day. Much love and GRATITUDE to you.

Best wishes for your cleanse! This sounds like it will be a transformative month for you.

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Thank you for your efforts to create quality content!

wow what a healthy highlight i gat here dear.. i love it..
i love eating a lots of vegetables to keep me fresher..

i love you post.. and thanks for that..
nice meeting you on steemit and earth nation...
followed you for more of your updates ..

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