Lila-Wish-Genie is Sleeping. Will awake with new upvote service of 0.2 SBD = $.66

in #earthnation6 years ago (edited)

As You Wish! Abundance for ALL!

This service is being updated while the Lila-Wish-Genie is sleeping until 1/14/18

Lila-Wish-Genie now grants wishes with 0.2 SBD transformed to a $.66 upvote

Please do not send 0.1 any longer.

Please see this post for all other guidelines for Granting Wishes.
Not all content is accepted.
Also, The Lila-Wish-Genie evolves. Always check her profile for the latest service.


Love, Lila Wish Genie


Awesome! I'm still getting to know our bots and how they work. Is this a one-time pay-per-boost or is it a term subscription?

Not interested in our voting bot service(s)?

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great... I will do this and let people know as soon as I see the results! Awesome

Why @lila-wish-genie didn't upvote my post? It's more than 24 hours

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