Artwork and Poetry Compilation

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A little crystal in the north sky shines
Guiding gypsies as a steadfast pixie sign
On Earth a snow cap sacred pole so divine
Add sunlight comes rainbows sprouts weaver's vines
Viewed from the heavens a shard bright and blue
Dazzling diamond on her course spinning true
Dancing wild round in spiral circles, singing too
Songs of love burning incense from valley flew
The sweet smell of passion upon her breath
Lust drips like honey mead sweat between breasts
Horned sun raises wildcats, tigers, and lions as pets
Drums beat with obsession of sugar sweet Joilette

My photograph of a painting by: Brian Turnbo, member and voteholder of Indigo Crossroads

Set the sails on mast to dream

In starry glittered ocean air

Explore where none have ever been

Across a mystery bold and bare

Destiny set on howling wind

Breath of Wolf in misty flight

Hawk tail trim tab turn again

Heading straight into the night

Past sorrows' endless crying sea

Beyond lonely's shadowed fear

To shores of insight blessed be

Anchor light in moments here

Journey on oh wayward friend

We'll begin anew where ripples end

From Mystic Scratchings of Sister Crow

Swan then Hawk blossoms new Phoenix glow

Written by: Four Eagles



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Beautiful! I love the poetry and am especially keen on black birds. Blessed be!

great poetry

nice poetry and photographs. :)

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