Earth Nation Planetary Alliance 2018 Update

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The Earth Nation has launched EarthCycle; the planet’s first international currency backed by green business revenues and customer demand.

We have been pretty quiet for the last half year while working diligently on creating and testing solutions for the obstacles we encountered in 2017.

For those of you who may not know, the Earth Nation is a planetary alliance of permaculture-based intentional ecovillages, positive-change businesses and inclusive non-dogmatic/spirituality-based nonprofits and churches.

During the EN’s Peak in 2017, we empowered an international resource-based economy via the Keys currency. Our Keys were initially traded at around $0.5 USD equivalent each in BTC/ETH and we ended 2017 with Keys being traded for between $2.00 and $4.00 each. We traded over 200,000 Keys to individuals and 5.5 million keys to Organizations within the EN alliance.

In exchange, the Earth Nation received the following:

  1. Unlimited, unconditional, and indefinite use access to 12,000 acres of land located across 4 continents with a total infrastructure value of over 30 million USD.

  2. An estimated 15,000 hours of skilled help from EN Voteholders and members. At the peak of EN’s Team projects, we had 20 active teams with 4-18 people on each team. Our teams accomplished a wide spectrum of EN Voteholder approved objectives; from making websites/videos/articles to programming digital connectivity systems, building physical communities, throwing events, business development, gardening, talk shows, and more.

  3. Long-term alliances with like-minded organizations in the fields of financing and Native Tribal Sovereignty. Through these alliances, certain extensions of the EN are now recognized as officiated extensions of the Sioux Tribe. EN Voteholders are now able to easily acquire credit-based loans from $50,000-$200,000 USD for the purpose of funding projects and businesses.

Last year was such a blast. The Earth Nation grew so much! Then we ran into our next round of growing pains….

As we prepared for the next level of scale, from hundreds of active members to thousands, we found a few major issues within our systems that needed to be addressed before moving forward.

The single most major issue we had, the only obstacle we could not move through at the time, was a lack of avenues through which we could easily convert a greater majority of our members time into a substantial amount of liquidatable resources. Put simply, we needed more businesses engines to create real, tangible, long-term employment for our members.

So our Center Coordinators went back to the drawing board. We shut down the majority of our teams. We cut-off the talk-shows, the online portals, and all of our major advertising outlets.

Then we started approaching leaders of the triple bottom line business movement.

We connected with 6 business leaders that had each started at least one multi-million dollar company with above-standard ROI and a product or service assisting in creating positive change on the planet. Combined, these leaders have 41 active Facilities across the world with a net asset value of more than $400 million USD. Annual ROI per facility ranges from 30-100%+.

Finally, we now have the means to create meaningful, gainful, mass-scale employment for members and organizations within the Earth Nation Alliance.

These business leaders have teamed up with the Earth Nation to launch EarthCycle. A cryptocurrency powering an international decentralized funding pool for positive change businesses.

EarthCycle is the planet’s first cryptocurrency to be backed by profits from earth-friendly businesses, while also being backed by customer demand for business products/services, and backed by voters that want to have their opinion count in how we allocate the ever-growing funding pool created by EC Businesses.

An exceptionally skilled mathematician showed us how to algorithmically structure our Coin to create a system with higher long-term profit returns than the general international public has ever had access to in recorded history. EC Coin is projected to increase in value over 100 times in the next 10-20 years, without speculation. It turns out that systematically solving many of humanity's greatest challenges is extremely profitable.

Compounding interest on high ROI business investments, in combination with a pre-set amount of investment return growth going to buy and destroy the currency, in combination with voters permanently locking their EC Coins for voting privileges, in combination with market demand stimulated by EC business customers using the coin to obtain a discount for products and services, in combination with strategic placement of buy and sell orders on the exchanges for our Coin give this currency one of the highest consistent/long-term growth rates of any in the world.

After our EarthCycle ICO launch finishes this year, the Earth Nation is going to the next level of global recognition and influence. With 12,000+ acres of land for intentional community development, thousands of high-paying available job positions, millions in monthly funding, and a partnered representative with a seat on the United Nations.

Our final goal will always be and has always been, to facilitate the development and propagation of decentralized and ethical alternatives to every government and corporate product and service.

The unifying connection between all members and groups within the Earth Nation is the simple belief that all people should have a real choice in how we live our lives. The time of non-consensual governance, extreme poverty, homelessness, catastrophic environmental practices, openly practiced military oppression and police brutality is coming to an end within our lifetimes.

Learn more and benefit from the Paradigm Shift at and


I have to add an eleventh point to the ten things you can do on Steemit if you are a green organization:

I am glad to have discovered Earth Nation - wisdom in action!

Very worthwhile endeavour, but why does it need blockchain?

Why can't it use regular existing and safe methods of crowd funding?

Having a nice mission and a great vocabulary doesn't mitigate risks and unrealistic goals.

...a realist can be such an unwelcome visitor, sometimes.

mercy good topic thx

Wow! Sounds so great.
Resteemed because I feel strongly this post has so much value for the whole of humanity and our planet.
Thank you.

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Loving the cause...I really do wish project like this would get far, but is it just me or does something smell fishy here? Firstly telling you they're gonna reinvest most of the funds they receive from the coins into projects ( like a non-profit ) and then, in the end, telling us, we can have financial benefits, by investing in companies which will use green technology? How? And who decides where and when to invest in a good project? How do I get the benefits if I invest in this? If I tell people? It just doesn't add up...feels like a a Herbalife for nature kinda pyramid structure of some sorts (if you tell people/bring people).
I agree we have to invest in green technology to help our environment, but at least give us a realistic plan first? Maybe one technology at a time?

This looks like one of those projects that the CEO's dissapear with most of the tokens after the ICO.

I know your intention is good and pure, but just don't make your own tokens, just collect bitcoins or etherium and say it like it is and I'm sure people would love to donate something, I know I would...Just don't bring another S**t coin to the market and BS people...Good luck

Did you try reading the whitepaper?

Did you? Cause I'm not losing an hour of my life going through a project, that did not convince me it can do any good in the world in the first 10 minutes

Hey Earth Nation, feel free to resteem my posts about Earth Nation <3 - good helper in trading things.
Try it, and you'll stay with us forever!

This is really needs to get around more. I hope more folks read and resteem your post.

Pls keep posting more updates.

Thank you for sharing this beautiful initiative on this platform .

your look very happy Good smile i am very like you

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Awesome, Actually, everything is so easy ...

Team literally speaking what you are doing is Revolutionary and this project can prove as hope for many and yes many countries are facing extreme pollution, poverty and diseases everywhere and this kind of project can possibly can light up many lights in the lives of people and i want to congratulate and want to wish great success for this project and the video is enough to understand where the Earthnation is heading and we all are supporting this project because it's just not about us it's about the planet and all.

Thanks for sharing this post and video with us and wishing you an great day team. Stay blessed. 🙂

My friends and I have recently begun planning an eco-concious community in the desert of Northern Peru.

I like everything I am reading so far and it seems like our goals are possibly aligned.

Where can I learn more.... Like literally I want to know everything.

I love this idea.
Unfortunately I think there is very small chance for this to succeed because many powerful people have interest in keeping a world "down under"

Do you believe the world will never get better? I hope you are of the mindset, that you are empowered to create change then come to a planet in which you are forever enslaved.

I believe that when ever a good idea comes up, someone puts a lot of money in his pocket.
For example, some time ago an statue in my country got tagged with a spray.
Local politicians and cleaning companies said it will take more than $1000 to clean it.
And they got ready to put nice cash in their pockets.
But next day one old man went to store, but cleaning equipment for $1 and cleaned it.

Although at this example politicians and company owners failed to steal money, there are plenty of others where they did...and it happens every single day around the world.

As long as there is money in some form, there is someone who will try to take it

Even this movement has some huge red flag above it's head

Well said man!

Hola, excelente informacion del Video, debemos fomentar la consciencia ecologica en cada uno de los individuos a nivel mundial, para lograr tener un planeta mas energizado donde tenga menos daños por contaminacion... debemos ser generadores de cambio. Por nuestro planeta.

Nice idea. I think this can work.

I haven't heard about this project but I'm glad it popped up in my feed. I'll look into it.

pretty neat:}

Very interesting article. very informative i learned alot.

Good motives but really risky anyways it is a risk not to take risk in life.

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Why can't I see any information about in google? The website seems quite genuine...

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This is the most inspiring video i have ever seen! I have always wanted to find a way to eliminate the waste that we create and now there is a technology to do it and use the proceeds to help fund regenerative businesses that also help the environment and humanity!

you are very good information me thanks youer video

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Interesting concept while investing across nations.

Friend @earnthnation from #Venezuela I want to tell you that your work will reach a high level in the #steemit community. Remember that the most important thing is to feel confident about what you do and the only way to do it by loving what you do, regardless of the money ... If you have not looked for it yet, keep looking ... Without further ado, there is nothing to say that evolves and improves in what you do friend ... From here of #Venezuela I will always support it;)

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Waoo! Congratulation over the new achievment. It is an adding advantage to the world in general.

Our Mother Earth needs our love and care and we also need our beloved EARTH. Great article very uplifting and really make sense.

The best way to join this amazing technology of blockchain with bussiness and industries of the new millenium. Good luck to this project and I'm gonna follow it close.

I started investing in crypto for this reason. Investing in ideas, in teams, in paradigms. This is the first I am hearing of this and I cannot wait for all the inspiration and opportunities you guys are providing me. @earthnation you give me hope!

I love 😍 this

Nice post , very interestig... congratulations @earthnation

I think earth cycle coin is not better then bitcoin.

This is so exciting! I commend you all for not giving up when the going got tough, but instead turning it into the next rEvolution of the revolution.
I'm curious what is happening/ happened with the keys? Are they still running?

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this i seems a good topic. thanks to you for your nice article

Very well put together. AWEsome.
Checkout my blog as well:

looking forward to hear more from you. Cheers!!

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Excellent article and a good start. I, too, most recently at Stemit and looking for new friends and like-minded people, I followed you and you follow me. Together we can quickly develop our blogs on Steemit.

Izin share ok