Earth Nation Coordinators Talkshow 12/10/2017. Featuring A Planetary Alliance of Decentralized Autonomous Organizations.

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We are systematically creating and implimenting Blockchain-Based Decentralized/Ethical Alternatives to every Corporate and Government Product and Service.

We clearly see that the existing Corporate Military Industrial Complex that runs the Non-Consensual Governmental Systems of Planet Earth DO NOT SERVE the best interests of the people of our planet.

We have chosen to systematically engineer, build, implement, test and refine the leading edge of Ethical Mass-Scale Systems that integrate Economics, Resource Distribution, Decision Making, Business, and Activism in a way that truly serves and supports the best interests of all people.

This 47 Minute talkshow covers many of the Intentions, Strategies, Aspects, Branches and Operations of the Earth Nation. It is by far the funnest and most inspirationally informative show we've made yet! We hope you will find this show as engaging as we do!

We hold this show weekly to showcase the progress being made by the EN.

Get involved and learn more through

Our Public Beta is scheduled to start the day after the New Year.

Feel free to show your love/support and ask questions in the comments of this posting. We'll be upvoting the most heartfelt and intelligent comments!

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You should also keep in mind that, like many things, the fact that we have these military industrial complexes is based a lot on game theory; if one country has an army and a taxation revenue to maintain that army/industry, all other countries will tend to follow suit in order to remain competitive and be able to defend themselves. Unless all countries simultaneously demilitarize completely, this machine is not stoppable. Just an opinion.


Absolutetly Correct @ebargains.

Which is why we need new systems of infinetly scalable governance/resource distribution and protection that do not utilize the same competitive military strategy utilized by non-consensual governance.

We're not saying we don't need police/military-level protection on this planet. We're saying the way our militaries are run needs to change. The centralization of military-level power(as well as decision making and resources) is the single greatest cause of disharmony on this planet

Brave and interesting initiative. Thank you for sharing.

great initiative Keep it up just don't let anything stop you


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About 10 years ago, I was meditating on "how" to stop paying for war, which led me to International Law. I've spent many years learning how to "EXIT" the Matrix w/the Right of Self-Determination.

How do I go about joining Earth Nation?



A good place to start is just by visiting

There's videos posted there to help give you more of an idea what we're about and there's SO many ways to get involved! Happy to hear your interest!

Our votes count in the New Paradigm! I upvoted this, resteemed and shared the love <3 Join us next week, bring your cosmic giggles and creativity -we are creating the world WE want to live in!

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EarthNation stands out as a Unified Group of Solutionaries dedicated to serving the Planet, People and their Projects with a Win Win Win proposal and voting system!

Keep it up and don't let anything stop you! You knwo what I mean

I saw your video. I see your video that you understand, you are trying to do a good job by combining all of them. I think you are doing well.

This is a good work. I resteemed and upvote because it is a nice initiative.

good initiative and positive thinking, talk show is very helpful form you provide here. appreciate your efforts.

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A good show that will benefit us all , good work friend @earthnation

Great content. Thank you for sharing. Please keep it up. I already upvote.


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Thanks for sharing.

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