Deeper Down the Rabbit Hole: Truth of Noah's Ark, Great Floods, and Space Weather

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Stories of great floods have permeated history since the period of the Sumerian times. A cuneiform tablet from the seventeenth century BCE was discovered to be the first account of the great flood. In this account, a king named Ziusudra experiences a vision of the gods' council and decision that makes him realize that a disaster is going to occur. After speaking to the god Enki ( deity of water, micheif, and creation), he builds a large boat to prepare for a flood that lasts seven days and nights. Other accounts of great floods range from within the BiIble in Genesis (Noah's Ark) to the Quaran in Sura 11 and Sura 17. These accounts are normally taken with a grain of salt: meaning that most believe these stories are seen as allegories, but not necessarily historically accurate. To examine the possibility of a great flood, we must examine our Earth's magnetosphere, the sun's magnetosphere, and the composition of elements that our planet produces.

If you did not read my last post on space weather, I highly recommend that you check it out to start to understand introductory concepts of the relationship of our Earth and Sun. One of the most important concepts to note is Earth's weakening magnetosphere. From the 17th century to the early 2000s, the Earth's magnetic field has weakened 10%. Then a 5% decrease was detected within the last 10 years. This quickening pace is due to the upcoming polar shift.

As the poles cause the Earth's magnetic field to weaken (as seen throughout all pole shifts), this will prevent less protection from the Sun's solar wind which is composed of predominantly hydrogen, protons, helium, and electrons. When huge amounts of coronal mass ejections/solar winds/solar flares hit the Earth/ it charges the ionosphere, the electrical layers that are above the clouds. When the coronal mass ejection hits our ionosphere, it causes the release of a significant amount of oxygen; similar to how ozone (three oxygen molecules) is released from lightning hitting the Earth. When oxygen (O) and hydrogen (H) particle meet within a very energetic environment (the ionosphere), they can form hydroxyl units initially (one H and one O) and then water.

A weaker magnetosphere means more hydrogen enters the ionosphere, hence more oxygen is released, causing the production of "star water" which may be the possible theory to the immense water source of the great, mythological floods. Another huge factor to consider is the influence of galactic cosmic rays, high-energy radiation from distant galaxies and stars. These cosmic rays pierce Earth's atmospheres much closer to the surface than the sun's solar wind/coronal mass ejection. More research is showing that there is a direct connection of galactic cosmic rays inducing cloud cover. With a weakening magnetosphere, cosmic rays will penetrate Earth more than it currently does now, having a greater effect on climate.

Now it is time to examine the importance of the sun and some of its changes. Sunspots are inner magnetic fields that poke through the sun's plasmatic surface. When large amounts of sunspots are spotted, then this is considered high solar activity which has been shown to decrease the influence of cosmic rays on Earth. In times of solar "minimums", there have been an increase in cosmic ray influence. The last time a grand solar minimum was observed was between 1650 and the 1700 when sunspot activity decreased to nearly nothing for several solar cycles which caused droughts and lowered temperatures across Europe. This solar activity was nicknamed the Maunder Minimum and these periods usually occur every 355-450 years.

Screenshot (100).png

The sun's activity weakening will cause more cosmic rays to hit Earth which will compound with the weakening of Earth's magnetic shield. If one huge coronal mass ejection from the sun hits the Earth during this grand minimum, then this could cause massive amounts of star water to be produced. One last piece of the puzzle to consider is that oxygen escape during geomagnetic reversals/pole shifts is usually 3-4x greater due to the weakening of the magnetosphere alone (not considering any other factor like cosmic rays or coronal mass ejections). Pole shifts, oxygen exiting the atmosphere, and mass extinction events all correlate with each other. The oxygen that escapes the atmosphere will be charged by the auroral winds. Reactive oxygen plus reactive hydrogen creates more water.

To sum up what we know, the poles have already begun shifting meaning this magnetic reversal has already started and is moving faster each year. The same could be said about the weakening rate of the magnetospheres of the sun and the Earth, they seem to be moving faster each year. Specifically, the Earth's weakening magnetic field will cause the release of oxygen into the ionosphere. Cosmic rays creating more cloud cover will cool the Earth and cause increased hydrogen ions hitting the Earth. When these two molecules meet, this is perhaps how the great floods occurred. Amazingly we are at an extraordinary period to possibly witness this monumental event as the sun and Earth's shield will be extremely weak for the next 100 years. The implications of such an event are enough to drive some down the Rabbit Hole.

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(my main source of information/ credit for pic)


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