Deeper Down the Rabbit Hole: The Connection between last week's 7.2M Earthquake and a Solar Flare

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On February 12, 2018 a solar flare erupted toward Earth’s direction, releasing hydrogen, helium nuclei, electrons, and protons (otherwise known as solar wind). This would test Earth’s magnetic field.

This solar flare was small-to-moderate level storm that did not cause too much of a problem to Earth’s magnetic shield. It registered as a C-class flare which is far from worrisome for our planet to handle and it did not cause any major geomagnetic events as shown here. Green is good, for all intents and purposes:

Screenshot (131).png

The solar flare actually took 3 days to impact Earth but it did not push the Kp Index past 4, which would be indicative of geomagnetic events (such as the increased likelihood of earthquakes and storm formation).

However, there was a dark, coronal hole stream that was turned to face Earth right after this solar event.

Screenshot (132).png

So that giant, dark hole was ejecting solar wind at Earth after it was already subjected to a solar flare which increased the electric potential of the ionosphere, creating better conditions for geomagnetic events. This also happened to coincide with the conjoining of the Sun, Mercury, and the Earth which occured February 16, 2018. Interplanetary magnetic fields and kinetic alpha waves increase during these conjoinings between the Earth, Sun, and other planets which raise the potential of large geomagnetic events. This GIF shows Mercury in the distance and the resulting Magnitude 7.2 Earthquake that struck Mexico in a location close where another 8.0 Magnitude Earthquake struck a year prior (8.0+ M Earthquakes can have aftershocks for years).

So although the solar flare did not directly cause the 7.2 M earthquake, it is very safe to say that it set the stage for the coronal hole stream and the interplanetary magnetic field forces to wreak havoc with the geomagnetic potential of Earth. As an observer of the Sun, I realized a big earthquake was possible days beforehand. This type of information may be critical to saving lives if we start paying attention to some of the largest magnetic/electric forces that come from our big star in our solar system (the Sun). Luckily, nobody was injured in the earthquake except for 11 who died as a result of a helicopter crash during the aftermath.

It is interesting to note that we have had increased chances of geomagnetic events beyond February 16th, with it finally calming after February 19th. With more papers coming out showing the electrical connection to Earthquakes, it is infuriating to see mainstream scientist ignore the possible biggest influence to life on Earth, our Sun. This type of behavior from our trusted scientists can lead some down the Rabbit Hole.



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One more thing: check out my previous articles if these concepts are confusing or interest you. I have broken down the terms that I use for all of my space weather articles in my Deeper Down the Rabbit Hole series.

thats fucking amasing! good job i knew u could predict earthquakes! if nothing else threw your intution for example i knew my mom had cut her hand b4 i even got into the kitchen but of course it had already happend at that point although visually i couldnt see it expect with my higher self.

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