Deeper Down the Rabbit Hole: Remote Viewing

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Remote viewing defines a controlled, trainable mental process that involves the transfer of perceptual information across time and space. The feasibility of remote viewing can be due to phenomenon such as non-locality in physics: the ability for object's particles to instantaneously know each other's states despite the difference in distance. For example, if a pair of electrons are created together, they will have opposite spins to create net spin of zero. No matter the distance between these two electrons, if one is observed spinning in one direction, the other will be spinning opposite in the opposite, even when the spin is intentionally reversed. So if any object is connected to all other objects in the universe, no matter the distance, then the idea of observing another place through the mind may be reasonable. But first a little more background on the recent popularity of remote viewing.

Physicist Russell Targ was a pioneer in the field of lasers, primarily being recognized during his time at Stanford Research Institute, in the 1960s, where he created a laser that was much smaller than the current laser technology that the U.S. government had. In 1973, he was working with Pat Price, a psychic that was a police commissioner of Burkley. The Burkley Police Department then contacted Targ and Price to assist with the kidnapping of Patricia Hurst due to their desperation.

Price wanted to look at the suspect log and correctly identified that Donald DaVries who was the ringleader (which was confirmed 2 weeks later), Price then correctly identified the white station wagon which was used to kidnap Patricia and its specific location near a diner with a pedestrian freeway overpass. One of the police officers knew of the area that Price identified and found a white station wagon with bullet cartridges on the floor.

Over the course of the decade, Price and Targ were conducting experiments and real-life tests of ESP to get more funding from the CIA. The set-up would involve Price and Targ in an electromagnetically shielded room with mail set randomly to a address picked by the lab director. Price correctly identified (in the example given in the Ted Talk) that the letter went to a water purification plant with a swimming pool and two water storage tanks (the Rinconada Swimming Pool Complex was the exact location. Although he was technically wrong about it being a water purification plant, they later found out that it used to be a water purification plant 75-100 years ago. The odds of Price predicting 7 out of 9 target locations on the initial guess was 1 in 300,000, yet he accomplished this feat.

This led to funding from the CIA for 22 years, with high profile cases such as remote viewing other country's intelligence secrets, locating hostages, and finding terrorists. There is so much research over the course of the 23 years, it is unbelievable. From finding coordinates of specific locations, describing objects sealed in boxes, predicting shapes behind cards, and drawing eerily similar depictions of random areas, there are many different ways to hone remote viewing.

The technique is very simple: close your eyes, quiet your mind and describe the pictures that start coming into your mind: do not try to name it, do not try to guess, just describe the surprising pictures that appear in your awareness. If you want to move to this state of mind, Russell Targ advises, "Sit down, shut up, and be still." A typical session can last anywhere from 30 minutes to a hour, but those that are starting to practice can do it for 20 minutes. You have to know what your looking for but still try to clear your mind's eye and let sensation and descriptions flow. Try not to "name" what you see, describing/drawing it seems to work very well.

Start with a target/mission written on a piece of paper, such as "Where my mom was at 2pm today". ANother person will write this message down, put it in the envelope and then give it to you to focus on. Clear your head and let the perceptions come. It helps if you drop into a meditative trance to get rid of the random thoughts that just pop into a bored mind. Clear the clutter and just begin describing feelings, sensations, colors, descriptions and write/draw/talk about them. Keep going and do not worry about the relevance for now, just keep talking. The other person can help lead the remote viewing by narrowing in on key elements of the descriptions such as "What building do you see/ What colors are the buildings/etc..." Then compare your results with your target, if you correctly described the building/location/person of the mission then it can be considered successful, but getting all details right is when this becomes magical. Daily practice is encouraged to strengthen the mind.

Fun Fact Unrelated to Article

Werhner Von Braun (the father of rocket technology and Operation Paperclip "Nazi" scientist), James Fletcher (head of NASA at the time), and George Pezdirtz (NASA Admininstrator) were at one of the first demonstrations for an ESP training machine at St. Simon's Island during NASA Speculative Technology Conference in May 1972)



Far out. Something preternatural about it. Effortless effort does seem to be key. Nonteleologic observation also. Many times during daydream the mind is sent elsewhere and phenomena occurs. After reading this interesting article and visiting the sources sited i wont be so quick to discount the information of natural imagination.

Imagination and clutter are hard for most to separate, unless it is one that has controlled the clutter. Visualization meditation is one of the easiest ways to direct awareness which is much more powerful than it is given credit for. People that think of each other will actually sync brain waves despite the difference between them. We are all connected by incomprehensible, subtle energy. If you can experience a daydream, you are well on your way to controlling this awareness skillfully.

Great read ~ thanks.

This makes perfect sense to me.

There is so much that we are unable to explain.

Gotta keep an open mind.


Explaining the unexplained is my passion. That's what makes Rabbit Holes so fun for me. :) As always, thank you for the read.

Awesome read, the rabbit hole is probably even deeper than this. Looking forward to more of your work!

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Thank you for the support, yes the Rabbit Hole almost always goes deeper, that's what makes it so addictive to follow.

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