The Choice We Have Been Given

in #earthnation6 years ago

We all have been given a choice. We make this choice over and over again, in every moment of every day.

We have the power to choose what we focus on.

You can focus on drama, on gossip, on pain, on fear, on suffering, on lack, on scarcity, on violence. Yes. You have been blessed with the right to choose this for yourself.

You can also focus on Love. Compassion. Forgiveness. Growth. Building. You have the power to focus on being angelic and being of service to your family.

As you have this choice. So too do i.

I choose to focus on people that focus on love.

Those that fill their life with drama, I ignore.

For all my angels out there, i recommend you mimic this choice. It will make your life so much better, so much more joyful and full of love.


I focus on solar energy !

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