STADA and Earth Nation Partnership. An Earthnation DAO Proposal 10/3/2017.

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Following is a proposal that passed through the Earth Nation Decentralized Autonomous Alliance.

"Sovereign Technologies Acquisition and Development Agency is a conglomerate of numerous technology businesses and software systems specializing in software intelligence applications.

STADA technologies are the power behind our marketing force. Through STADA the Earth Nation has received an average of 44k unique website views a month, 300k estimated media campaign impressions per month, and nearly 2000 sign ups total over the last 3 months. This is with our systems operating at under 1% potential capacity

STADA also specializes in value/currency generating software intelligence applications that perform digital tasks that normally only humans can perform.

As STADA expands we will soon begin research and development into advanced robotics, deep machine learning, mobile, console, AR and MMO games, as well as computer sentience.

STADA is a DAO just like the Earth Nation. There are two ways a person or group can join STADA. The first is to bring a piece of technology to the table. The second is to buy in.

I propose that the Earth Nation Buy Into STADA for 2 Million Equality Keys. STADA will use all keys received from this agreement inside of the keys economic system at a limited rate maximum of 10k Keys per month. STADA will never sell any of the keys obtained through this agreement for any other currency.

In exchange, STADA will give Earth Nation the Following.

-Unlimited Access to the Virtual Representative Software System Suite from the sole purpose of promoting Earth Nation and Approved Allies to the World.

-17% of the output of STADA’s commercial intelligence farm, up to a maximum of 700K USD in amazon gift cards, bitcoin, and/or visa credit. We expect to pay this amount in full within 2 years or we will return the unpaid amount in keys at the same value-rate we received the keys. (Example: if we receive our keys at a value of 2 dollar per key, and at the end of the two year period we have only given the Earth Nation 500K usd equivalent, we will return 100k Keys to the Earth Nation)

-Citizen Limited Access to the T2Lite version of STADA’s abundance systems, which will give Earth Nation Citizens the ability to create an additional 500+ dollars a year in personal revenue.

-First chance to Invest in and purchase shared ownership of future STADA technologies.

If this partnership is not accepted, Starting next month 11/1/2017 Earth Nation will need to begin making monthly payments of 20K + 100 dollars worth of keys per account for continued usage of STADA’s virtual representation systems.

For Reference, Google charges 50 cents to 2 dollar per click and 5-10 dollars per every thousand impressions. If the Earth Nation were to pay google for the same advertising service provided by STADA it would cost 24k-100k USD a month or more."

This proposal was created by Dakota Kaiser. It was Approved.
This is the 99th Major Decision made by Earth Nation Voteholders.

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