Proposal for Earth Nation Print Media Outreach. An Earthnation DAO Proposal 10/9/2017.

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Following is a proposal that passed through the Earth Nation Decentralized Autonomous Alliance.

"This is a proposal for an extension and expansion of the current Earth Nation writing and marketing team. The team will focus on outreach and building relationships with outside publications; online and print magazines, blogs and newspapers to submit articles of all types in order to promote and educate about Earth Nation. This team will also build relationships with freelance writers and journalists to facilitate interviews and journalism about Earth Nation from independent sources.

I am proposing for an initial 3 month budget of 1000 keys at which point the effectiveness, return on investment of the project can be assessed. The quantifiable return will be measured by the extension of media reach we as a team obtain through this project.

The budget will pay for: Basic Income Keys allocated to team Coordinator monthly upon measured results Team players and Ambassadors who solidify a partnership with any publication worldwide Writers to write sanctioned articles for each publication The ability to pay keys to a publication or contact, when appropriate, for articles submitted.

The purpose of this would be to introduce Earth Nation and Equality Keys to mainstream media. Expand our global media reach..Increase public awareness and awakening and Promote Earth Nation through writing content."

This proposal was created by Teahna Kaiee. It was Approved.
This is the 105th Major Decision made by Earth Nation Voteholders.

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