Share Team. An Earthnation DAO Proposal 10/5/2017.

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Following is a proposal that passed through the Earth Nation Decentralized Autonomous Alliance.

"With the launch of the "All Family Onboarding" call/live show on Thursdays at 2pm pst, The Source Network/ led by Doron Kutash, is now launching the Earth Nation "Share Team"! We are bringing more sharing to the Earth Nation and to the world. To start with, a lot of this is via social media/promotions, our live shows/media, and sharing abundance with your awesomeness for the amazing things you do (promoting, et al); & so many fun ways to play with the Earth Nation.

Example 1- Without sharing our shows, we receive about 1-2,000 views.
Example 2- With sharing, and paying in Keys to all promoters, our shows average between 4,000-35,000 views. We will also continually identify content that we would like shared virally, and put bounties out for all of you Sharers :) And then any other fun ideas that come through all of us, i.e. Spontaneous Sharing Events/Games in the world... we can add to the mix as we go! We are requesting 3,000 Keys to get the currency/flow going, and we will be able to pay in Keys, for promoting all the shows, sharing our articles, videos, memes, and content, and other fun events/games!
BUDGET: (3,000 Keys) = 2,600 Keys - Distribution for Sharers/AwesomeActions +200 Keys - Admin +200 Keys - Project Leader (Myself)

Show Schedule: Mon- 12pm pst- LovePreneur World Tues- 11am pst- Earth Nation talkshow Thurs- 2pm pst- All Family Onboarding show Sat- 11am pst- Earth Nation talkshow Thanks! We love you ALL! :) <3

ADDENDUM 1: Thanks Prism for the Note!- (Answer: Bounties will be small amounts of Keys, but be very often! And compensating for so many types of actions that help the whole of Earth Nation! i.e. The current system for paying Keys for "shows promotion" can continue exactly as is, and we will pay 1 Key for every person you bring on our Thursday 2pm pst- All Family Onboarding show, and we will do fun promotions like "pay 1 Key to every Voteholder that votes- when more than 50% of Voteholders vote on votes for the week", and use the "show payout schedule/ Keys amounts" for promoting articles, videos, memes that we all agree are very important content- i.e. start promoting the Thunderclap! :) Much love all!)

ADDENDUM 2: Thanks Lila for this note: "Please clarify goals with Share team? How many vote holders / members do you aim to bring to EN? Will you quantify shares translates to new members/ Keys sales? How will budget of 3000 keys be used - bulleted? I can agree - once these are answered." (Answer: See below)

ADDENDUM 3: Thanks to Paul Dean for this note: "We need to make sure that this project will create an increase to the Keys collective pool. Having the online shopping up first would assist in this as more "new customers" are introduced and purchase products which in turn add revenue to the pool." (Answer: The share team would love to share all of our Products, Services, Events, & Regenerative Project(s) info, all over the internet, to produce sales/incomes.)

GOALS: *All Family Onboarding Call/Shows - Activate 5 new Voteholders from each of your Friends, Family, & Tribe Lists; per month (Earning you 40 Keys x 5 = 200 Keys (= $400 / Mth) from bringing your loved ones into the opportunity.

Increase the # of Voteholders by 25-50 new voteholders per month.
Bring a 100-500% increase (per month) in new members/voteholders dialing in a "Passion Track" within Earth Nation / on Team/s where they can be best of service, and most in joy
Bring a 100-500% increase (per month) in new members/voteholders dialing in their Projects; Proposals; for Resources/Funding/Support Team/ Etc, Launch their Self, Products, Services, Events, & More (in Month 1-2 with Earth Nation)
Share Team- increase flow of currency between Earth Nation members by 100-500% (per month).
Every item shared; article, meme, video, and show to grow from 1-2000, to 4-35000 (400-3500% growth in traffic- views)(& Increase the # of likes, loves, comments, tags, and shares by 100-500%)
Increase love within Earth Nation, and the "feel great of our brand out there in the world!"
Increase focus on what's most important, when it is called for by Spirit.
All of this combined, this translates to an increase of Keys Sales, and Land, Assets, Resources, Projects, Products, Services, & Events added, at an increase of 100-500% (per month), with "Virality" Potentials/Probabilities to bring an increase of 500-3500% if/when we are 100% dialed in with Spirit, and operating from Full Balance, all individually, and collectively.
A little bit about us, The Source / Source Network: The Source = The Love Quotient = The Spirit Infused = Balance of All = Allow for Maximum Flow, with Ease & Grace = Abundance Quotient, & Beyond All Needs Met for All

A little more info of the next few steps with Source Network THE SOURCE: All Family Onboarding, Share Team, Earth Jubilee, & Strategy Team -"

This proposal was created by Doron Kutash. It was Approved.
This is the 101st Major Decision made by Earth Nation Voteholders.

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