EMERGENCY VOTE 7 Day Sale of 20k Keys at Reduced Amount. An Earthnation DAO Proposal 10/7/2017.

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Following is a proposal that passed through the Earth Nation Decentralized Autonomous Alliance.

I would like to propose that we create a 7 day window to sell up to 10k keys at 2 dollars a key and another 10k keys at 3 dollars a key.

The reason is because there are lots of people that would like to grab some Keys before the price goes up and this is always a good way to raise some capital. I know we might think that by telling people when Keys go up that it could result in some people trying to cash out right after the increase but i thought we already fixed that issue by only allowing investors to withdraw 15% every 3 months. This is an easy sell when you know that keys are doubling in value so I know we can get some money in the door. Plus when we buy back the keys we buy them at less than the going rate anyway.

This is a win win because the value of Keys is also based on the amount of assets in the collective so this will increase that along with helping to give liquidity to enable Earth Nation to continue the basic income program that is producing tangible results. We don't want to lose that momentum.

This proposal was created by Jon Caldwal. It was Approved.
This is the 103rd Major Decision made by Earth Nation Voteholders.

Learn more at https://earthnation.world


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