team to access $100k worth of KEYS towards purchasing another chapel. An Earthnation DAO Proposal 10/10/2017.

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Following is a proposal that passed through the Earth Nation Decentralized Autonomous Alliance.

"We are always doing business so that everyone wins.
Triple bottom line - people, planet, profit.
For this very moment requesting £75k worth of ASC KEYS - roughly $100k (depending on exchange rates) - so that we are able acquire a large building and create regenerative region.

We already have
And Engedi:

Now we intend to acquire 3rd building in the area.
Real-estate collaboratively owned by Earth Nation - we will investigate ideal legal options to pay absolute minimum in taxes - potentially on the blockchain
Earth Nation citizens will always be able to use the facilities on preferential basis

Legal documents:

(old scans, difficult to read)

Auction house:

Business plan:

Coliving for single parents

Being a parent is a difficult job.

Being a single parent is next to impossible.

To create individual flats for single parents and their children.

The common part of the house will be spacious and accommodating.

Coliving has a lot of benefits - people involved can share resources such as washing machine / drying room / tools / toys.

We will provide profit in the short term - instant revenue from rent and / or sales of individual flats.

Medium to long term we will also provide very reasonable form of allocating capital.

kids having role models peer group
parents being able to resume professional activities
creating jobs in the local economy
Auction is in a few days. On the day of the auction we need to pay 10% Then 28 days to finalise. Starting price is £40k We believe that up to £75k is a very good deal. There is no obligation to bid - there is always another train coming.

Not long time ago I was working for a bank, earning £500 + VAT per day (and climbing 13 floors each day to avoid awkward social interactions in the elevators). Ridiculous experience - perception of time and money was completely distorted, I was so disconnected from my true nature.

The easiest way to create wealth is to create your own money - I’m a catalyst of manifestation and right we have.a chance to acquire large building.

I'm committed to prosperity and abundance, having in mind 100 years perspective.

[email protected] 0044 758 629 4279

Auction is on the 4th of October, that is why closing date is on the 3rd in the late evening.

Much love, always love."

This proposal was created by Michal Stefanow. It was Approved.
This is the 106th Major Decision made by Earth Nation Voteholders.

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