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--There can be changes to develop the kinds of accounts with the focus being more optimal to the well being of all on steemit. There also can be changes made to make current account holders hold some value, as those that have been here a while have certainly earned the capital to become the levers that make the steemit roll continue forward.
--I feel there could be after 180 days (arbitrary number for the point of illustration) of owning an existing account, that account may be sold, say to a new person coming aboard. If there were a way to create some type of escrow type process automated by the creation of one of our steemit bot genius witnesses that would be unbelievably invaluable. Some would say this is centralization, I would say it is a nice option to have to avoid dead accounts, as I had seen on a fairly recent post on steemit stats that 11% of accounts have been used more than 30 times among last year's enrollment. Those numbers are likely to go up in my opinion because of the almost linear 10% growth of new user signups month to month. The spiking membership is a boon to not just the internal community, but a chance to capitalize on the momentum that can be created to continued quality with some level of authenticity or the avoidance of dead or spam accounts.

--This can also drive others to to find those who are selling accounts had they heard of the killer upside and feel it is a must to join, like myself almost two months ago. Creation of this will likely create a valued, more continual upward trend in steem/steemdollars that would be quite beneficial to all involved. I would say if there is a model as to have 90% enrolled viable candidates being originated to the system as purchased accounts, whether directly from the existing pool, or from the administration. The other 10% (or less in my humble opinion) be created through lottery, after the vetting process. Of course this will drive the applicant pool nuts for a bit, but expedite their purchasing of a crypto to have enough to exchange for a new account.
--Instant value is created as the new account was done more so at a market base than charity from the steemit community. Having more market driven principals in new enrollment would also allow the possibility of bidding on new accounts. The price could go down if demand falls to purchase the new membership. If you wish to own an account on the platform I think there is immediate value created, you will have many more serious heavyweight whales coming aboard. In my opinion anyone not invested 1% of their portfolio directly in cryptocurrency right now, is a total sucker. 1%, no more no less as of right now, with that number having a solid rise to working age individuals across the planet. I personally am much more bullish on this market right now than just about anyone, especially in the steem/steemit phenomena and all things directly linked. For someone with say $100k in a 401k program (US based) to have the possibility of investing liquid amounts at that ratio, having $1000 available to invest in a program like this is a game changing event from countless angles. The investor/speculator of the principle into cryptos, the individuals effected by the market value of that crypto, and the millions of tiny units of free will spread across the planet as each one of those people make happen what they personally feel most important to happen for them and others at the moment or future.
Thank you for sharing your time and reading my post, I always welcome your comments or questions!
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Garden of Eden - Wikisimpsons, the Simpsons Wiki

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I have a heck of a lot more than 1% of my time in too, that is a fact for sure.

Yep, if you don’t have 1% of your investments in crypto, you’re a sucker!

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