Everything you need to know is this!

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Everything you need to know is this!
Whatever action is available to you in any moment, choose the one that contains the most excitement. Act on it to the best of your ability. Do this with integrity. Do this with absolutely no assumption for what the outcome should be. When you do that three-part formula, You open up and activate the toolkit of excitement. This tool kit contains everything you need to be supported in life and whatever form it needs to come in.
The driving engine that moves you through life. The organizing principle of synchronicity that allows you to do what you need to do when you need to do it in perfect harmony. It becomes the path of least resistance that allows you to flow through your life effortlessly. It becomes the reflective mirror that reveals to you anything within your consciousness that might be out of alignment with that excitement.
You can then identify the definitions that don't work for you and let them go and then add that energy to your excitement and continue to expand. Then in any circumstance whatsoever, in any situation that arises from those actions no matter how it looks, if you give it a positive action you will only get a positive and beneficial effect regardless of how the situation may have originated, regardless of anybody's opinion.
It all comes down to understanding that what you believe to be true, or what you define to be true is how you experience your reality. Your beliefs then generate your feelings, your thoughts and your behaviors. As you do this you will move through life in this way acting on your highest excitement. You will start living more in the present and in the moment and because of that you will know what you need to know when you need to know it. That's it. That is all you NEED to knowAscention Image.jpg

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