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Is this Sasha Stone's New Earth Nation, once upon a time some years ago I too was starry eyed, I worked on the ecology team and 6 of us left after we found out some things were not quite right, especially when they were planning on developing pristine rain forest into a rich man's sustainable hotel city. When we proposed turning wasteland into a sustainable village instead, it did not sit well. There is a Wall St banker involved and a Crown Court Judge, these are just gatekeepers posing with carrots to mislead those who think the solutions come with those boasting to have the answers again. Just more Wizards behind curtains. Just beware and tread carefully. Go far deeper and see how things really work.


It is not! We are a different style of alliance with a similar mission! We are very much on the humanitarian side of things! and global systemic change.

Sorry to read that about your experience, I too once was a starry-eyed dreaming youth, working with the homeless in Detroit, myself and about a dozen others went AWOL to society. We camped out in a public park for 4 weeks, all to feed, clothe, and fund free books to anyone willing to stay with us a while. Eventually, our movement grew large and so did the crowds.

The church that supported our meetings and sponsored bathroom access, retreated from their word, and soon left us in the September cold. The nightclub that so generously opened its doors for us to seek shelter whilst we staked our claim nearby, they too brought shadows on our shining example in the weary city.

Thankfully, someone kind donated us a former coffee house space across town we rehabbed into a community center to hold our potlucks and organizational meetings. In the end, greed got hold and funding fell through as others committments changed as well. I was there for the art, they had other intentions.

It was beautiful then while it lasted

@donovan313 and I here share similarily the same story; I was introduced to Dakota and @earthnation, stumbling into a world of other fellow artists, writers, and many knowledgeable talented individuals who want to share their insight about the state of our planet.

The overarching love and respect for our ecosystem is primarily the message spun thousands of ways each guild member creates original content for; to promote healthy sustainable living and life isn't much without ART!. I wrote about my past life once as a design student attending College For Creative Studies, before the Occupation.

That post originally made over $100 SBD! Now, I'm steemin' ery day, from other circles in the Planet Steemit network, like Steepshot, Zappl, and DTube to broadcast more about my artwork and my life.

Really awesome platform we're on!

I have been part of an organization that was a naturopathic center of healing. The information there was amazing, it broke my Western-medicine mind and I fell in love with alternative healing. I gave much of my time, focus, and heart to this establishment in return for knowledge, community, and healing. However, as the years passed, I noticed that some people still did not heal from the things that my medicine men/women said would. I started to become disturbed from the mere thought of myself (and the church) possible being wrong about some of the modalities. I ignored this for a year but, like all blockages, it finally came to a head one day and I was released because of personal choices and my clarity on my beliefs was tarnished. I mention this because I have been wrong so many times in my life. I may have caused irreversible damage to people that I truly wanted to heal. But there was good in what I did, there were successes, friendships, relationships, the whole nine yards. I am very wary. I approach nearly everything with an open mind but always realize that not everyone's truth is my truth or the opposite way around. Thank you for your concern, so far in my months being part of Earth Nation, they have been amazing, truly a God-Send. They have the same stringent concerns about the correct solutions that do not cause more damage to the Earth. It is rare to find people so knowledgeable about solutions, as well as surprise me with new information on things I havent heard about. I highly recommend you read up on us, we are working on sustainability in many ways!

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