ELAmental's Earth Deed of the Day - Refusing to Use Latex

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Harvesting cannabis with your bare hands can be messy and extremely sticky, but can also save the Earth some unnecessary damage. The only alternative I am aware of is wasteful, and stacks the landfills more and more each time you use "protection". The protection I am referring to is wearing latex gloves when handling cannabis plants. The plants making your hands messy, dirty, and sticky, is not a good enough reason to create additional waste by wearing latex gloves. ... and believe me... it is STIIIIIIIIICKY!!


Sometimes it is necessary to wear gloves, but only if someone is servery allergic to the strain being worked on, or if there is something hazardous to humans that is on the plants (I will never recommend pesticides). The only other situation where it would be necessary to use gloves, is if you are too sensitive to topical contact of THC, and become so lethargic and disoriented that you cannot complete your tasks. I and many others however, are immune to this, as thicker skin is more resistant to trasndermal absorption of THC, especially if the product (in this case live-hash created from mixing the plant's trichomes with the heat from you hands) is not designed for transdermal application.

Not wearing gloves will also award you a grip of what we in the industry call finger hash. This hash is potent, flavorful, and totally smokeable. I use it frequently to spice up a bowl, and am always happy to collect free hash while simultaneously reducing my carbon footprint. I love our Earth mother Gaia, and I wish to exemplify my love for her each day, by making conscious choices that will have a positive impact on the environment.


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Blessings everyone & stay tuned - into the right frequencies


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I can imagine that your plants are very happy that you do not wear gloves and that they much prefere the touch of your hand. It is so important that if we wish to work with plants that we allow them to actually feel our touch, there is an exchange of energy that takes place and I expect your plant tastes all the better for it, yeah happy plants, happy @elamental, happy planet xxx


Yes, yes, and YES! I completely agree, the exchange of energy between plant and human is much more effective without a latex barrier... its not like we have to worry about STD's or something, haha.

Happy Harvesting my friend! Bless that thick skin of yours!!


It is a helpful survival trait no doubt.

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I like to use cooking oil to get that sticky icky off the hands. Much better for the skin than my old alternative alcohol.


Yes, cooking oil works great, but warm water is equally effective, and produces zero waste with minimal pollution.