People's Of Australia Can't Enjoy Winter By 2050 According To Researchers.

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Some scientists of Australian National University from Climate Change Institute and ANU School Of Art and Designer developed a tool that predicted that Winter will no longer existence in Australia in 2050.
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According to this tool life of the people throughout the Australia will change dramatically by 2050.

According to this tool temperature prediction of Australian cities is well above 40 degree Celsius over a couple of months. The temperature prediction does not follow the current four seasons pattern in Australia .

Using the tool people can understand how the local weather change throughout Australia by 2050.

This new Weather Tool predicted that winter ceases to be everywhere apart from a few places in Tasmania .

The tool used various data from Bureau of Meteorological department and Scientific Information for Landowners and shows how the average temperature will rise by 2050 graphical throughout Australia compared with today.

Everyone can view visual climate tool here:

This tool is similar with the web application created by scientists of USA which compares climate of USA in 2080.
According this web application we understand that the climate of Washington Dc in 2080 is same as the climate of northern mississippi today.

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