Shape of our Earth: Why Earth is not round and what Newton Postulated About it?

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Around 6th BCE, Greeks, who were known for their scientific temperament defined that the Earth is a “Perfect Sphere”. It was not challenged until Newton postulated his own assumptions regarding it in 1687. Sir Isaac Newton postulated that Earth can’t be a perfect sphere. He added that it must have deformed because of its spin resulting in bulged out equator and flattened poles. He defined this shape as “Oblate Spheroid”.

The great physicist indeed was accurate in his assumption.

The modern instrument quantify that there is 42km difference in equatorial and polar diameter i.e. equatorial diameter is 0.3% large than polar diameter. But we should know that Earth is still a perfect sphere compared to football, volleyball, tennis ball etc. The 0.3% deformity is so small that you can’t manufacture a sphere body without discounting this. So, Earth is still a perfect sphere than your football.

Presently, scientific community agrees that neither term sphere nor oblate spheroid will do the justice to the shape of Earth. Earth surface is highly irregular i.e. it has enormous mountains, plateaus, deep valleys, trenches, extensive plains and deserts distributed over the whole Earth. So shape of our planet is unique because of its flattened poles, swelled out equator and its irregular surface. Its shape is considered as “Geoid” means Earth’s shape is uniquely Earth shape. Do you know? Even in 21 st century numerous flat Earth societies exists. They believes that Earth surface gis flat and it has no relation with sphere. They are generally individuals who are guided by pseudo sciences and religion.



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