Steem-Staking Report to Investors Number (6) Payout Post August 4th,, 2020

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General guidelines and distribution rules.

Please read carefully and understand the guidelines for division and distribution of staking rewards, which are only the curation rewards for the account. All author rewards are not generated by curation and will be distributed to @shortsegments. All curation rewards will be distributed to staking members.

The account receives two types of rewards: author rewards and curation rewards.

Author Rewards:
The author rewards are f4om the Daily report and are not attributable to the stake from members who deposit steel power here via delegation, so those rewards, which are expected to be small are distributed to the author of the daily report @short segments. Those will be Steem and SBD.

Curation Rewards:
These are a direct result of the deposited steel power from the members and 100% of it will be distributed to the members. The project creator will only receive rewards in proportion to his contributed stake like every other member.

Pro-rated regular payments
The payments will be made on the 7th, 14th, 21st and 28th of each month.
A full share shall be given to those who have been staking for seven days prior to the payment/ A pro-rated payment will be given to those staking for less then 7 days before the payment, but in proportion to their

Repeat for clarity: Those members who have been staking for 7 days receive a full payment in proportion to their stake and for those staking less then 7 days a pro-rated payment will be made.

This simple formula is used to calculate your share of earnings.:

Your steempower delegation divided by total steempower delegation, times your number of dayss of delegation/seven, times the total earnings for the week.

Member A has contributed 100 steel power to the pool pf 1000 steel power and member A has been staking 5 days.
Curation rewards for that seven day period are 100 steel power .
Member A share equals (100/1000) time (5/7) times 100 steempower.
Member A share equals (0.1) x (0.71428571) x (100) = 7,14285714

All curation rewards are in SteemPower, so these will be delegated out to @shortsegments, who will send the steam-staking account liquid steem on a one for one exchange basis, which will then be distributed to stakes. This will be recorded in the wallet, where it can be verifiable by all members. It will also be screen shotted and put in the weekly report.

Repeated for clarity:

All author rewards are not the result of curation, and therefore not generated by wallet staking, so they will also be sent to @shortsegments. This will be in the weekly report also.

All curation rewards are generated by staked/delegated SP and is distributed to stalkers.

However, Because curation rewards aren’t liquid, @shortsegments will provide liquid Steem equal to the curation rewards, which are then distributed to the stalkers, who can keep or reinvest the liquid Steem after powering it up.Then the Earned SP is then delegated to shortsegments by Steem-Staking. The account will not accumulate SteemPower, unless stalkers choose to reinvest their weekly earnings and thus increase their invested amount and their earnings. Or new investors delegate.

Status Report on Delegations:

Delegator Amount Vesting Shares Delegation Time
american-english. 800.868 SP 1.553 MVests 2020-07-25, 19:46
banking-finance49 25.027 SP 0.049 MVests 2020-07-25, 17:28
flowerspictures53 100.109 SP 0.194 MVests 2020-07-25, 17:32
lalai63 100.106 SP 0.194 MVests 2020-07-26, 02:08
nutrition.org48 50.055 SP 0.097 MVests 2020-07-25, 17:43
shortsegments76 1,000.459 SP 1.940 MVests 2020-08-01, 22:31
shortshots60 500.428 SP 0.970 MVests 2020-07-29, 21:24
smallbites55 250.225 SP 0.485 MVests 2020-07-29, 21:25

Its First Distribution day for our project
Curation Earnings 26 SP
Total delegated SP 2827
% of delegated SP. delegation. Percentage Amount of curation earned

american-english51 800.868 SP. 800/2827= 28.29%= 7.35 SP
banking-finance49 25.027 SP. 25/2827= 0.8%= 0.18 SP
flowerspictures53 100.109 SP 100/2827= 3.53%=0.92 SP
lalai63 100.106 SP 100/2827 = 3.53% = 0.92 SP
nutrition.org48 50.055 SP. 50/2827= 1.77% = 0.46 SP
shortsegments76 1,000.459 SP 1000/2827= 35.37% = 9.20 SP
shortshots60 500.428 SP 500/2827= 17.69% = 4.60 SP
smallbites55 250.225 SP 250/2827= 8.84% = 2.30 SP

Congratulations to Our Stakers, your rewards will go out today!!


Weekly Staking Rewards were paid out

Our transparency is here with open books, via our wallet and


Because SteemPower is not liquid, and takes 4 weeks to power down, we delegated the 26 SteemPower earnings to @shortsegments and @shortsegments sent us 26 liquid Steem, which we distribute to our stakers and pay weekly earnings.






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