Sharing a little of what I have learned so far

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Pleasant day to everyone, during my learning journey about this platform, I came across a few info. I wanted to share with you, that I consider to be very practical for us newbies including myself. I will highlight just one subject here.

This is about Steem power, which puzzled me for days at first. Looking back it is a little complex, however I will do my best to simplify my views on it. just touching a few aspects of it. The more Steem power you have the better as a result your Steem tokens are like influence, votes and rewards for you and who you decide to vote for. One would say, its the very fondation of a succesful steemit campagne and earning more. Power up 100% all your rewards will come as SP. by default (50%/50%) A Steem dollor is a dollar worth of SP.
Vote for meaningful and good quality contents. Help others to help you especially members making great effort yet struggling to earn. The good you do will come right back to you from thier votes. You do this simply by clicking the upvote ( ^ ) icon on post or comments.

Try not not exceed your overall percentage of votes on a daily basis, as you only acquire 25% replenishment per day much slower rate than you distribute. Do the math, use your votes wisely 15% at least per day. It would help to convert at least some of your earnings to SP. for greater voting power.

Know your voting Steempower level check this link that I discovered from a very influencial member of the community Penguin Pablo during my research, great contributer. Check your voting power here: Ensure you go to settings edit username by typing yours then click save.

I hope this educated you as much as it did for me. Although there is more to elaborate on for now I just covered what was pressing me. If you have anything you would like to share? Please share in your comments.


Thank you! I will check out your link.

Greart thanks for the comment vric88, have more to share stay tuned