Earneo Creating a blockchain framework that aims to make the system of content sharing more effective

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The adoption of digitization into the global economy has paved the way for diverse growth patterns across different sectors of the world. It gives people an opportunity to get involved and to appreciate the benefits of digital space. Users can share diverse content with the public, access knowledge and use it to their benefit through such applications.

Take for instance a person wishing to learn a specific skill. They can easily access, perform research and learn from experts in the field or from experienced educators. There are many such schemes, but they can not work effectively for various purposes, because most content creators are essentially unable to extract something from their shared material, and viewers do not get anything when they watch the material.

Cynical players in the system might, in some cases, abuse copyright to steal material written by other writers because they know they can't even protect their content.

Explaining Earneo further

The Earneo platform is a decentralized platform developed using blockchain technology to ensure that content is delivered freely and transparently to the global public. Earneo is unique and superior to other established networks of content delivery where content creators distribute their content and consumers use it when they find system-based ads, without benefiting content creators or customers

That being said, the goal is to make content sharing and customer sharing more meaningful and, by rewarding users, reward participants with the revenue generated from advertising messages exchanged in such posts. Blockchain is used to ensure its operational stability in terms of content distribution and usage, and to boost customer service.

As a result, content producers do not have to pay little to no money to work very hard, because consumers can no longer access content for free, but have contributed to the system and changed their lives, then they are rewarded.

Distinctive features that makes Earneo stand out from other platorms

• The main aspect of this project is how people can make a living by creating and sharing their content. This allows them to continue to offer their services and to stay involved in the industry.

• EARNEO would share all the users' profits even though you post it for the very first time. This is an idea that will keep the web alive and get more users interested and attached to it.

• In the case of content owners, they will receive 65 percent of the revenue that should be received from their material at the time of sale, while the other stakeholders or advertisers will share the remaining amount. So be sure to reap rewards without any problems as soon as you publish content and place advertising on your pages.

• Meanwhile the key part of the project is how to help people make money when they create and distribute content. This enables them to continue to offer services and to continue to invest in the industry. Even if you upload it first, EARNEO will still share all the revenue between users.

• This idea would keep the website growing and draw more users who are interested in it. You will also make your job fun and meaningful when you become part of the network. All you have to do is ensure that all the material you publish meets the needs of the community, so that everyone is organized and fair.

• Content producers will receive substantial amount of the revenue that should be received from their content at the time of sale, while the remaining stakeholders or advertisers will share the remaining amount. So be sure to reap benefits without any complications as soon as you post content and advertise on your accounts.


The essence of this platform in facilitating global audiences

Another aspect that surprises users is that of the audience. No app or video sharing site will reward viewers, yes, sure! That means ordinary audiences, but EARNEO is going to make this a reality. It sounds simple and straightforward.

Then you can just become a member of the platform like a normal viewer and start earning.
Many video viewers already exist on several different channels and can consume too much content without getting tired, but they are not paid. However, if the same emphasis is put on the company, it will yield profits and make them happy.

More notably, viewers can track each of the chosen commercials on a voluntary basis, thereby earning more revenue from the situation. The platform is designed with algorithms that make it possible, so that viewing content can still be used and distributed to audiences at any time after viewing by the audience. This is fair to everybody on the site, because they can make more of a profit from it.

The whole EARNEO system is audited using a proof-of - work algorithm or a consensus algorithm. Like tracking and monitoring bitcoin transactions, this is the best way to handle operations. What is interesting is that anyone can become an EARNEO host and keep things going.

How Earneo functionsSystem-generated
incentives are provided to content creators on the Earneo platform to share secure and accessible content with the community, using content uploaders or users, and moderators that help track or view uploaded content. The system requires access to high quality materials.

Earneo will also display ads that are, of course, optional for users due to their decentralized nature, but will allow them to share content or use shared content.

Through doing so, each system consumer can demonstrate active involvement and increase the motivation to use the Earneo tool.

The platform not only inherits, but also performs successfully, its core functions through the introduction of blockchain technology. Blockchain technology allows the Earneo network to achieve open and stable content sharing, preserve its stability and achieve efficient storage.

Not only does the Earneo platform inherit its critical functions with the introduction of blockchain technology, it can also run efficiently. Blockchain technology will allow the Earneo platform to achieve transparent and safe content sharing, sustain its stability and achieve efficient storage.

About the Token

The Earneo platform has created a cryptocurrency called the RNO token to finance its operations. The RNO token is based on the Binance chain and is considered to be the guiding force of both the Earneo network and the BEP2 token.

The RNO platform could be used on the Earneo platform to reward users and allow more transactions.


The system is designed for anyone who can build blockchain-supported video content and aims to provide an alternative to circumstances where all business giants tend to be defaulting on certain main components.

The Earneo model has created huge benefits to users, providing users with a way to earn revenue while sharing high-quality content, adjusting, or consuming content on the system.

The system can be effectively used as a credible content sharing platform by using enhanced technology, and users can benefit greatly from it.

A global system needs an Earneo-like structure to make the content sharing system more efficient.


Website: https://earneo.io/

Whitepaper: https://earneo.io/wp/whitepaper.pdf

Telegram: https://t.me/Earneo_official

Twitter: https://twitter.com/earneodapp

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/earneodapp/

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