Earn on artificial intelligence and neural networks $140 daily

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Earnings №1: Freelancing sites.

The mechanism of earning is simple:

  1. Register on freelance sites (there are a lot of them).

  2. Find a job or a one-time job in drawing.

  3. Next, log into some neural network, such as Midjourney (there are also many) and start generating an image:

  1. Send the resulting image to the employer.

Earnings №2: Photostocks.

A photostock is a special service through which people sell their photos, videos or creative work to other people.

The price on such services for videos in abstract themes can reach up to $ 500 for 1 piece:

Have you imagined how much content can be uploaded using neural networks?

The mechanism of earning is even simpler than in the first option:

  1. We register on photostocks (there are also a lot of them).

  2. Enter any neural network, for example Runway.

  3. Start generating tons of content.

  4. Upload everything to a photostock.

Earnings №3: NFT.

The principle of this income is quite similar to the second option. Differences will be only in the subject of content.

If in photostocks you emphasize on people who want to use your image or video in their work, then NFT has no restrictions, from trash content to quite high art.

Easiest example:

A given clot costs about $25.

Do you know where this blob is used? Nowhere. It's just 1 image out of a collection of 5000 other instances that just exist.

You could also use a neural network and generate something similar. Then sell everything yourself as an NFT or find someone to buy back the images you created and create the NFT yourself.


As you may have noticed, there are few references to different platforms in this article. If we had mentioned all of them, you would have limited your horizons to our services, completely forgetting the fact that every day on the artificial intelligence market there are many free products that are several times better than their old analogs.

Don't limit yourself. Try and consider as many options as possible. Don't get stuck on the same sites, experiment and find new ways to monetize artificial intelligence.

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