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Within the beyond the decade, blockchain generation has swept the globe. Over 1,000 tokens and cryptocurrencies had been created, presenting blessings consisting of low charges, safety, and user anonymity. Blockchain generation is based totally upon decentralized manage, as opposed to centralized banking or electronic money structures, and has an excessive potential of gaining a foothold as a mainstream charge system due to its recognition and considerable use. As an investment, cryptocurrencies are appealing to many as the will increase in price make them fashionable, with the current cryptocurrency marketplace capitalization reaching 25 billion USD as of March of 2017. The acceptance of cryptocurrency as a price machine has yet to attain common acceptance, however, the reputation and use of this medium is ever-increasing. Cryptocurrency isn't always going to head away, and upgrades in blockchain technology structures promise to yield more rewards to folks that take part.

The digital age is closer than the majority assume. Ever since the creation and usage of cryptocurrencies were achieved on a big scale, the world has seen some of the precise strategies of the use of this superb era. From creating net-run currencies to apply tokens that may be used via a number of distinctive approaches, the strength of the blockchain is something that has not best-allowed people to achieve big achievement but is likewise growing every day.

With the success of currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum, many new cryptocurrencies have arisen, trying to replicate them. Many researchers and specialists have claimed that this new rise of cryptocurrencies will all be long gone in some years - when just a few fantastic cryptocurrencies will remain. Amongst them is anticipated to be EagleX.

EagleX is a digital asset which represents the coping with the strength of the IronGeekChain, a blockchain that supports more than one styles of digital belongings. It gives a smart contract which supports a decentralized software. It has a consensus mechanism, alongside quantum resistance, cold staking, computer, cell and web wallets amongst other capabilities.

The project pursuits to end up the usual price machine of the destiny and hope to make cryptocurrency usable and proper in any location and for any type of price. Eagle venture is the next economic revolution.

EaglePay is an online website this is introducing first-rate initiatives like EagleCoin with the reason of growing a payment gateway system the usage of a relatively advanced IronGeekChain era. Eagleton holds the support of effective Ethereum blockchain fundamental internet network.

The Eagle coins are beautiful collectables in valuable metals for any numismatist. Those coins are available in uncirculated in addition to evidence finishes. They provide traders with a convenient and cost-effective way to feature gold in their investment portfolio. Pricing for the eagle coin commonly depends available on the market fee and varies every so often. Eagle Play holds a huge series of EagleCoin and provides a reliable platform for purchasing any data about it.

Eaglecoin has brought with the aid of the EaglePay with the goal of constructing a sturdy network, to create a digital value for transactions & dividend price, and to make a profitable investment asset. The final stage of this project is to create a payment gateway system using a blockchain technology that used person each user-friendly and meets regulatory requirements within the best way viable. EagleCoin will include an advanced payment gateway system that accommodates of the IronGeekChain era in order that each transaction or investment can occur in a cozy platform as a consequence averting any form of fraud or inconvenience at any cycle of the entire method.

EagleCoin in now, not an initial coin offering project. If you are looking for a platform that ensures an obvious system of EagleCoin investment and exchange, you will discover no platform higher than EaglePay.


Eagle Ecosystem

The Eagle ecosystem relies upon on two local virtual property, EAGLE and BENZ. Different parties can create smart contracts or digital belongings in Eagle ecosystem. Using Eagle will allow holders to do cold staking and get hold of BENZ. It becomes the main currency utilized for purchasing token whilst an ICO is conducted inside the Eagle ecosystem.

Preserving NEO will get gas while preserving EAGLE gets BENZ.

Upon the advent of the decentralized exchange in Eagle surroundings, Eagle becomes the main currency to be paired with other coins. Moreover, Eagle holders can receive airdrop when a token is issued in Eagle ecosystem.

IronGeekChain has Eagle smart contract system, which helps multiple programming languages. Smart contact builders can use their convenient language consisting of C#, Java, and Python. So that you can install a smart contract, a developer desires to pay some amount of BENZ depending on their smart settlement complexity. This mechanism will basically boom the need for BENZ and will make it more valuable.

The remarkable thing about the smart contract is that the smart agreement builders will now not need to learn a brand new programming language as they could use the language this is most handy for them in step with their know-how. Except that, smart contract developers can create an airdrop program for EAGLE holders routinely. This is certainly a clean, reasonably-priced and effective manner of marketing. The EAGLE holders may also revel in the benefit of having the newly released token for free.


Eagle project has taken its first step with the call of EagleCoin which previously become an ERC20 Ethereum token that used to characterize as a digital asset. The aim of this project is to have a masterclass subsequent era of payment system so it's far dedicatedly specializing in reworking the EagleCoin from an ERC20 token to the brand new Eagle that will have its personal blockchain with exceptional capabilities. This modification is known via the name of IronGeekChain. This blockchain is secured with the aid of consultant nodes that are designed for the representation of all of the Eagle holders.

Scalability is the main problem of the blockchain era and Ethereum has confronted this problem. At present, greater than 1300 smart contracts have been evolved in Ethereum mainnet hence makring transaction process in Ethereum quite slow. Except that, it's also pricey to make a transaction in Ethereum mainnet especially when the community is crowded. As the preceding EagleCoin was an ERC20 token, therefore, EagleCoin holders used to pay gas for creating a transaction. As a consequence, in order to triumph over those issues, a new Eagle project has come into existence.

IronGeekChain uses a consensus mechanism called delegated Byzantine Fault Tolerant for the cause of validating the transaction. A transaction might be declared valid if it manages to get confirmation by way of 2/3 of the representative nodes. If some consultant nodes are sending false transactions and those fake transactions are less than 2/3 of all nodes, then those transactions are rejected. The consensus mechanism takes nearly 15–20 seconds for producing a block. Numerous thousand of transactions can be validated in a 2d using this mechanism.


IronGeekChain Features

  • Support multiple types of digital asset
  • Consensus mechanism “Iron dBFT”
  • Quantum resistant – to prevent a massive attack from quantum computers.
  • Cold staking – holders will receive BENZ coins by holding EagleX.
  • Desktop, mobile, and web wallets.
  • Master Nodes - nodes will receive a fee for the token transaction
  • Decentralized Application and ICO – the platform will support smart contracts

Performance Comparison



  • 04/2018
    IronGeekChain test net

  • 07/2018
    Masternode test net, Whitepaper release, IronGeekChain release, Masternode release, Desktop wallet release, Block explorer

  • 08/2018

  • Q4 2018
    Mobile wallet release, online wallet release

  • Q1 2019
    Dapp and smart contract competition

  • Q2 2019
    Eagle coparation

  • Q3 2019
    Decentralized exchange

  • Q4 2019
    Payment system

Eagle system, a payment system using blockchain era helping fiat money token that complies with the regulatory authorities of maximum jurisdictions.

EagleCoin in the first step of Eagle task that is formerly an ERC20 Ethereum token that features as a digital asset. To attain the goal of the assignment to be the next generation of payment system, EagleCoin will be transform from an ERC20 token to the new Eagle having its very own blockchain with terrific capabilities, referred to as IronGeekChain


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