Wake Up to Your Morning Dystopia

in dystopia •  7 months ago 

I’m sure you’ve noticed how fractured and acrimonious our world is. Why in God’s name have we allowed our society to be orientated around daily ‘news’ about aggression, threats, scandals, fears, and hatred?

Of course it’s not our own doing, it’s the doing of our lesser nature, the media, and the sick psychological and destructive forces we cower to in our ignorance and disorientation. Why don’t we align ourselves with opportunity and good news every morning? How sick and dysfunctional is this reign of Donald Trump. It’s bad enough he’s our President, but does his name, face, and inanity have to be the headline every single day? Don’t we have 100s of thousands of intelligent, wise, creative, and insightful other people we should be hearing from? The fixation of U.S. media culture on the cult of personality is disgusting.

It’s about ad generation, antagonism, and promoting the greed and chaos that send people into the consumptive practices out of greed or despair that drive our superficial economy. At the end of the day the rich turn to their sports cars and yachts and the poor turn to their beer, drugs, and cheap entertainment to escape the existential abyss that is the modern world. So much technology but so little soul or knowledge. Welcome to your morning dystopia.


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Let’s not get too critical of beer.

The media absolutely hate Trump, seeing it as their job, above simply reporting the news, to destroy whatever he tries to do. They’re like the captain of Moby Dick. They will do anything, even if it destroys them in the process.

I think that’s what we are seeing. They are showing their true colors, which are shrill, regressive, and out of touch. All the ills of the world they attribute to one man because they don’t like him.

Thus, this madness bleeds into every story, infusing it with frantic desperation.

For most of the world, life goes on. I have been surprised to discover that people from Venezuela and other parts of the world with real struggles have not been posting their lamentations on Steem or Murmur. They post about the simple pleasures of life, celebrating their families, enjoying a good meal, enjoying the outdoors. Not even a sideways mention of Trump. I’m grateful that Steem has built such a widespread home for people from all over the world. It is more hopeful here than the news would have you think.

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