F. A cup final - the final clash......

Jose's take


Jose Mourinho demands there would be not much around an uneven FA Cup last between Manchester United and Chelsea on Saturday.

Joined have frequently been scrutinized this season for being excessively protective, particularly in key matches, while Pep Guardiola's Manchester City crushed records for most wins, most objectives and most indicates as they cavorted the Premier League title.

It has been suggested that the clash at Wembley could be another uneventful undertaking, with Chelsea having experienced a troublesome second season under Antonio Conte and just scoring three times in their last four Outings.

Mourinho, though, believes a closely fought affair would be far more gripping to watch than a 6-0 thrashing for one side.
"I still don't understand these words of 'entertaining'," he told a news conference. "You think 6-0 is entertaining? I don't think so.
"I think entertaining is emotional until the end, open result until the end, everybody on their seats until the end, both dugouts nervous and tense with the unpredictability of the result.

That, for me as a football darling, that is engaging. In this way, I believe it will engage."

Mourinho gloats an immensely great record in significant finals, having won 12 out of 14 in his instructing vocation, including the EFL Cup and Europa League last season with United.

In any case, the Portuguese does not think his past progress gives him any edge over Conte.

"I figure the triumphant mindset doesn't need to do with records or history in finals, sincerely," he said. "I figure what we did in the past has nothing to do with [Saturday] and the records don't play.
What plays is 11 against 11 and everybody trying to give their best."
Mourinho has also made it clear that his assessment of his second season at Old Trafford will not change based solely on Saturday's result.

"Individuals can do what they need," he said. "You can investigate the way you need to examine and I can dissect the way I need, so everybody is allowed to go toward the path [they] need to go.

"When I investigate the work I did and the exertion I put in and all that we as a whole did in the club, and that incorporates the most vital people in the club, which are the players, I'm not going to break down them as a result of one imperative match.

"Be that as it may, I know the exertion, the negative things, and I'm not going to change my examination of the season in light of one match, not under any condition."
People can do what they want," he said. "You can analyse the way you want to analyse and I can analyse the way I want, so everyone is free to go in the direction [they] want to go.
"When I analyse the work I did and the effort I put in and everything we all did in the club, and that includes the most important persons in the club, which are the players, I’m not going to analyse them because of one very important match.


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