Examples of how a dynamic image can skyrocket your marketing campaigns

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Dynamic images are comprised of dynamic data that have the ability to alter the content according to the preferences of the user. Technically, dynamic image generators are easy-to-use platforms that will add flair to your marketing campaigns and attract the attention of your target audience. Their aim is to eliminate the need for coding skills, providing access to marketers or retailers that do not possess such complex skill sets.

If you are wondering how can you integrate dynamic images and GIFS into your marketing campaigns, here are some propositions to get you started. Keep in mind that dynamic images are somewhat different from GIFS, so we included both options in the list below:

Some use-cases where a dynamic image can be embedded:

  • Set up an automated marketing campaign with a limited time offer and embed a different image every day
  • Enrich the visuals of your abandoned cart pop-ups with dynamic images that promote hourly deals. Automate your dynamic image so it changes as time passes and encourage your visitors to indulge in your offer before it expires.
  • Liven up your landing pages with customizable images that can be updated anytime
  • Broaden your push notifications with inspiring graphics
  • Enhance the appearance of your informative newsletters or your social media posts with dynamic images that reflect your brand’s personality

Some use-cases where a GIF can be embedded:

  • Give a funny touch to your campaigns with famous GIFS that have become memes and join the pop culture
  • Create segments with millennials or Gen Z subscribers and make your campaigns or your social media posts more attractive for the younger audiences

Check out my source to find the 6 best Dynamic Image Generators.

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