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in dying-light •  5 months ago 

Wow this looks really sick! Another one to look forward to in 2020. Video by theRadBrad.

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Looks really nice, I wonder how long to master the controls!?

if its for consoles as well then its easy lol

Not for me - maybe if mouse and keyboard :D

Damn! These zombies games are getting popular.

that's like since 1998

It has been. But in the recent years the demand has gone 4x than the year 1998.

another game that i will not have time to play, and i loved the first one 😁

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When I saw the first gameplay trailer it looked alot like mirrors edge but with zombies.. when it revealed as Dying Light 2 it seemed a little odd, Dying Light 2 seems pretty different to the first game with what they going for here.

I takes it adsup isn't a gamer 😂

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this is a joke test 123